Herron High School

Short one today.

My daughter has developed a great desire to transfer from her current school to Herron High School.  Herron is a college prep charter school.  Tuition free for students from anywhere in Indiana.  It’s located such that it wouldn’t be horribly inconvenient for me to drop her off on the way to work, and I can take a late lunch to pick her up at the end of the day, then just take her to the office until I go home.  It’s got a “liberal arts curriculum” which means 4 years of Latin.  4 years of English.  4 Years of Math.  4 Years of Science.  4 years of history/”social studies”.  Plus electives.  All with lots of AP possibilities.  They’re not connected to the Herron School of Art and Design except historically (the campus for the high school used to be the art school’s building) but they do have a very deep art track.

Herron is the top-rated High School in the city and the #2 rated High School in the State.

I could have really wished for that kind of opportunity back when I was in school.  Best I could do is just basically live at the public library.

Not too long ago she had a “shadow” day where she attended Herron and followed a student around for the day.  Tonight we went to an open house (just got home, which is why this is a little late), took a tour, and got registered so that when they begin accepting applications for transfer, we’ll get an email and I can apply immediately because applications are “first come, first served.”  We want to be at the head of that line so that Athena can get in.

So, wish us luck.