Notional cover design

While I’m shopping around my novel “The Hordes of Chanakra” (and also considering the possibility of self-publishing) I thought I’d amuse myself by creating a notional “cover” using public domain artwork (in this case a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “The Battle of Sinor” painted in 1853).

Note however that the book has not been published.  This is just an artistic exercise at this time.


Currently reading….

“Confessions of a Stripper:  Tales from the VIP room” by Lacey Lane.

You see, one of the main character in a WIP (Work In Progress) is an exotic dancer.  Rather than rely on Holywood nonsense like Striptease, I’m looking for “real” stories as a basis for character creation.  This includes books by actual dancers as well as talking to people who are in, or have been in, the business.

Call for beta readers

I’m looking for “beta readers” to read stories that I’ve just completed and give me their impressions.  You don’t have to be an editor or proofreader.  You just have to be someone who enjoys a good story (preferably someone who likes science fiction and fantasy but even that isn’t absolutely necessary–sometimes it’s good to get views from folk outside the field) and can answer questions like the following:

Were you ever bored?  Did you find your mind wandering?  Can you tell me where in the story this was happening?
What did you think about the character named XXXX?  Did you like him?  Hate him?  Keep forgetting who he was? (Same for all the major and minor characters.)
Was there anything you didn’t understand?  Is there any section you had to read twice?  Is there any place where you got confused?
Was there anything you didn’t believe?  Any time when you said “Oh, come on!”
What do you think will happen next?  What are you still wondering about?
Any volunteers?

Current projects

What I’m working on at the moment:

  • The novel The Hordes of Chanakra being shopped around looking for a publishing home.
  • The short story “God of Thunder” out to beta readers
  • A new story for the Heroes in Hell series in progress
  • A story in progress for a zombie-themed anthology
  • A story in progress for an orc themed anthology
  • A Science Fiction novel involving spies in space in progress
  • A sequel to The Hordes of Chanakra being outlined.
  • A fantasy novel in a Norse setting being researched
  • A paranormal romance being researched.

Now if I can just get paid for some of that.

Context Science Fiction Convention

Got back from the Science Fiction convention “Context” earlier this evening. My very first panel while I was there was a “writing with other” panel on collaborations and the like.I was on it because of my recent sale to the Heroes in Hell shared world series. Another panelist (“the” other panelist as it happened) was Mike Resnick.

Shortly after that, I was in the Con Suite having a snack and Mike Resnick walks in. We start chatting and soon he is giving me career advice. Wow. Here’s multiple award winning science fiction writer Mike Resnick giving nobody me advice on how to advance my career. Is this a great field or what?

I mean, this is Mike Resnick. List of awards and nominations as long as my arm, been in the field since I was third grade (and before my wife was born), that Mike Resnick. And he’s giving career advice to a nobody like, well, me. I have no illusions about my importance to the science fiction and fantasy field. That is something I hope to change in the future but, right now, I’m a nobody.

Excuse me there. I just had a fanboy moment. 😉