Context Science Fiction Convention

Got back from the Science Fiction convention “Context” earlier this evening. My very first panel while I was there was a “writing with other” panel on collaborations and the like.I was on it because of my recent sale to the Heroes in Hell shared world series. Another panelist (“the” other panelist as it happened) was Mike Resnick.

Shortly after that, I was in the Con Suite having a snack and Mike Resnick walks in. We start chatting and soon he is giving me career advice. Wow. Here’s multiple award winning science fiction writer Mike Resnick giving nobody me advice on how to advance my career. Is this a great field or what?

I mean, this is Mike Resnick. List of awards and nominations as long as my arm, been in the field since I was third grade (and before my wife was born), that Mike Resnick. And he’s giving career advice to a nobody like, well, me. I have no illusions about my importance to the science fiction and fantasy field. That is something I hope to change in the future but, right now, I’m a nobody.

Excuse me there. I just had a fanboy moment. 😉

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