My Life: Bio of a Libertarian Goth and a Goth on Ice

My Life: Part One I am Born

My Life: Part Two The Trailer Park

My Life, Part 3, “Pinkwood” Drive.

My Life, Part 4, The Teacher Bitch and One Small Step.

My Life, Part 5, Space and Dinosaurs and Assorted Other Stuff.

My Life Part 6: Vaccines and Tonsils

My Life Part 7: Road Trip in a Blizzard

My Life Part Eight: Hot Rod Road

My Life, Part Nine: Interlude Back to Virginia

My Life: Part Ten. Tom Swift Jr.

My Life Part 11: Friends and Neighbors, (and a Budding pyromaniac?)

My Life, Part Twelve: Claysville (Part 1)

My Life, Part Thirteen: Butch

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