A Big Thanks to the Democrats.

No, really, hear me out.

Back when Trump was running, I noted that he’d been historically pretty left wing.  He was a big fan of the Kelo decision (where the government could take property from someone for “public use” with that “public use” to be to hand it to someone else on the grounds that the someone else would pay more taxes).  He’d long been a fan of gun control.  He’d made some overtures of being otherwise but even during his campaign, after the Pulse Nightclub shooting he was all about how to restrict/ban so-called “assault weapons.” He’s on record as a fan of “Red Flag” laws.  His words were “Take the guns first, due process later.” He is also a fan of “no fly, no buy”.  You get put on a “watch list” by some bureaucrat and not only are you forbidden from flying, but you’re also forbidden from exercising other constitutionally protected rights?  The very existence of a “no fly” list is problematic.  Using it to deny other rights just doubles down on that.

And he was all about making deals.  After all, “The Art of the Deal” was the title of one of his books.

The Democrats could have come in, made offers, received counter-offers, and made deals.  They could have gotten a lot of what they wanted because Trump is all about making deals.

However, they didn’t do that.  Instead, they went complete scorched earth.  “Russian Influence”! “The election wasn’t legitimate!” “Overturn it.” “Put Hillary in.” “Have the Electors choose Hillary despite what their states voted!” “25th Amendment” (thus proving they didn’t read past the first part, or rather hoped you hadn’t).  “He’s a new Hitler.” “This is just like The Handmaid’s Tale.” Impeach.  Impeach.  Impeach.  (And, somehow, instead of President Pence, this is supposed to lead to President Hillary?  Constitution?  What Constitution?)

And, as time progressed, instead of settling down, recognizing that, yes, Trump was President and they would have to work with him if they wanted to get anything from their wish list, they kept doubling down.  Indeed, he gave them something they wanted (a small something), for literally nothing in return, with the Bump Stock Ban.  Yep, Trump implemented more gun control than Obama managed in eight years.  But, still double down and double down and double down on the Democrats part.

In the end, it didn’t matter how willing Trump would have been to deal.  The Democrats took that completely off the table.  They left him little choice but to either resign (which wasn’t going to happen) or go hard line the other way.

So, thank you Democrats.  You’ve done more to hold back the tides against personal liberty than anyone since, um, well, since before my lifetime.

And you did it all on your own.  It was a purely unforced error on your part.

Thank you.


15 thoughts on “A Big Thanks to the Democrats.”

  1. In addition to what you mentioned, not only did they attack him (about which I don’t think he really cares all that much, Twitter flip-outs to the contrary), they attacked his family and friends simply because they had a connection to him, further reducing any chance of any meaningful dealings with him to approximately zip.


  2. And yet Trump still turned hundreds of thousands of formerly law-abiding gun owners into felons by kow-towing to the Dems when he banned bump stocks.


  3. Trump turned hundreds of thousands of previously law-abiding gun owners into felons when he kow-towed to frothing Dems and banned bump stocks in a knee-jerk reaction to the Vegas shooting.


  4. During the 2016 campaign I was very vocal in my opposition to Trump. I’ve loosely followed his career since he became a public persona in the early 70s and started making some political noises.
    I tried to warn people about the fact that he’s a lifelong leftist, a liberal New York Democrat and an opportunist that they would regret voting for.
    Then the left went insane and saved us from the leftist that Trump truly is.


  5. (And, somehow, instead of President Pence, this is supposed to lead to President Hillary? Constitution? What Constitution?)
    Because they would have demonstrated their power. Impeaching Trump (or 25th Amendment) would have shown they could control the levers of power – the populace, to some degree – adequately enough they could, eventually, simply install whomever they desired when they desired.

    They thought they had reached that point with 0bama. They thought they had come to the point where exposing themselves wouldn’t hurt. Then… TRUMP! Then, yes, instead of withdrawing to regroup, they decided that fortune favors the bold and doubled down.
    They have learned that Fortune is a fickle mistress.


    1. The 25th Amendment thing was Incredibly Stupid as it would need Pence and a majority of Trump’s cabinet to “work” along with the support of 2/3 of Congress.

      IE, Trump could keep coming back to Congress telling them “he was fit for duty”.

      The Impeachment Process would have been “easier”. 😦


      1. To override the President saying he is fit for duty requires 2/3 of the House (impeachment just requires a simple majority) and 2/3 of the Senate (same as for conviction to remove from office after impeachment), so, yep. Harder than impeachment.


      2. I concur. But they are grasping at straws. (And, most of the people grasping at that one have a demonstrated lack of familiarity with the Constitution and the Law. There was not nearly the support for that among the legislators as there was among the fever swamps of their supporters.)


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