“It wasn’t a fair fight!”

This is one of the most ridiculous arguments I have seen in the wake of a self defense shooting.  The home invader or mugger runs into a victim that’s armed with a gun or even a (gasp!) “assault weapon” and ends up leaving the scene horizontally.  Family member or other “loved one” of the criminal is trotted out to get all weepy and complain that the putative victim’s being armed made it “unfair.”

An example in a case a couple of years ago where an Oklahoma man used an AR15 to kill three home invaders.  The invaders were teens: 16, 17, and 18 years old.  Much was made of the invaders ages as though a 16 year old criminal can’t be a serious threat or that being 16 while breaking into someone’s house made his life more valuable than that of the homeowner’s son literally in his own home minding his own business.  The grandfather of the 17 year old (who, he claims, was a “good boy” who “never got into trouble”–a poor Dindu Nuffin–yeah right) claimed that brass knuckles against and AR15 was unfair and disupted the resident’s fear for his life:  after all three armed thugs breaking into your home armed with weapons like brass knuckles can’t possibly be a real threat, right?

Well, just as Kirk doesn’t believe in the no-win scenario I don’t believe in the fair-fight scenario. If I’m fighting at all it’s because I’m in fear of death or serious bodily injury. In that case, I have not just a right, but a duty to make the fight as unfair in my advantage as possible. I have a little girl waiting at home. She needs her father. She depends on her father for material support, for values education, for a multitude of things. Those things are not just a privilege but a duty. I would be remiss if I did not do everything in my power to come home safely so I can continue living up to that duty.

If that little girl means more to me than my life (she does) then she certainly means more to me than yours, not because I’m a “tough guy” but because I am not and have no interest in trying to prove how tough I am in some display of fisticuffs.

My one, my only goal is getting home safely to that little girl.  “Fair” doesn’t enter into it.  “Fair” means I’ve screwed up.  I’m going to use any means at my disposal to ensure that I meet that goal of getting home safely to that little girl.  If you don’t think it’s “fair” then that’s just too damn bad.

And if you don’t like that?  You have a simple way of avoiding the issue:  don’t start none; won’t be none.


12 thoughts on ““It wasn’t a fair fight!””

  1. The other point is that, were two people to *agree* to fight, such as in a boxing ring or other venue, then fair fight might be a goal. When someone decides they want to fight and includes me in their scenario, I have no obligation to fight fair, because I didn’t have any say in the matter. I didn’t get to choose not to fight. When someone makes that unilateral decision to include me, then they get what they get, fair fight or not.

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  2. I’ll be 65 in June and not in the best of physical shape so if an older teen wanted to beat me up, he’d have a better than even chance of doing so.

    Thus if he wanted to “pick a fight”, then I’m not in favor of a “far fight” with him.


  3. 46 with bad knees and a bad back – and two black belts, two green belts. AND I’ve paid attention to lessons given by a chiropractor and an orthopaedist. “Fight me if you must, but remember I am old for a reason.”

    Of COURSE the fight isn’t fair! I win. I don’t fight fair. Start anything with me, and it’s better than even odds you’ll end up dead (by accident, I still throw punches well above my 275#.) I’m too damned old, too damned tired, and too damned sore to put up with any juvenile bullshit, so I’m going to get it over with as soon as possible.

    And NONE of my martial arts instructors believed in exhibition fighting, which was just fine with me. That’s why I chose them. Their spin on fighting is, “If you start up with me, Imma rip your heart out and you can watch me eat it before you die.” Therefore, so is mine. If I punch you in the gut, I’m trying to grab your spine. If I punch you in the face, I’m trying to drive my hand out the back of your head. I will either cause you enough pain to shut you down, or just kill you outright. I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care what colour your skin is – present a credible threat to me, and I will treat you as a threat. Present as a decent human being, and I will treat you as such. I tend to “play to the room,” it has kept me alive this long.


  4. Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    If you come between my family and I.
    By threatening myself or them with bodily harm..
    I’ll shoot your dumb ass…
    Fair has nothing to do with it…
    These idiots that whine about some low life threatening others and getting shot…
    Probably vote Democrat…


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