The Two Girls in Morocco


This story has been circulating for a bit.  Two Scandinavian girls, vacationing in Morocco–a majority Muslim country that has generally been considered relatively safe for visitors–were attacked and murdered, beheaded.  The story came out in bits and pieces.  Killed.  “Severe neck wounds.” And finally “beheaded.”

The bodies of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway were discovered at their camp site on Monday near Imlal, a small village on a hiking route to Mount Toubkal — the highest peak in North Africa.

The bastards who did it recorded it and released video of the murder of one of those girls. (No, I haven’t seen the video.  I’m not looking for it.  I already have enough rage which I cannot act already.) In this video, according to reports the killings were in revenge for “their brothers in Hajin” (an ISIS stronghold in Syria).

Suspects are in custody, and that’s the good news.  The bad news is that this behavior goes on.

The world is probably well off that I am not in charge: “You will deal with this and make it stop or we will, and if we do it, we won’t care shit about collateral damage.  I am declaring ‘terrorism’ as a weapon of mass destruction and reserving the right to respond in kind.  Chemicals are on the table.  Germs are on the table.  Nukes are on the table.  You will stop this or we will stop it for you.”

I am beyond pissed.

5 thoughts on “The Two Girls in Morocco”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, terrorists gave up their rights to be human – and to be treated as such – as soon as they took up arms in the cause of terror. If we catch ’em, throw ’em in a hole, nail down the lid, feed ’em once a day (if we remember.) Preferable to pump ’em & dump ’em, which is usually how we handled it (we weren’t interested in taking prisoners, and we usually weren’t able to anyhow.)

    Terrorists taught me one thing they really shouldn’t have – they taught me how to be a perfect bastard. Field Note: It’s not how many bones you break, it’s how you work the broken ends against one another…


    1. There are those “terrorist tunnels” “Palestine”… look like ready-made sewers to me. If they’re gonna be POS, well, give’em the company of their kind. Fast, and plenty. No sense being greedy.


    1. Lighting the way towards their 7th century paradise, one Instant Sunshine(tm) packet at a time.

      I am okay with this.

      (Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for kilotons, unless you’re talking about a collective measurement. The US doesn’t have MT-level nukes any more IIRC.)


  2. Now, now, let’s be civilized. Terrorists who have committed such acts should be executed, yes. I submit they should die in precisely the way they killed their victims.

    Terrorists who have not yet committed criminal acts, but are demonstrably members of organized terrorist groups, should be castrated and returned to their homes.


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