Watched Frozen today.

Bottom Line impression:  Wow.  That was awesome.

I’ll try to avoid spoilers here.

Okay, first things first.  This is “based on ‘The Snow Queen’ by Hans Christian Andersen.” Now, I haven’t read the source material yet, but if they go true to form what this actually means is that they made a Disney movie which uses some of the trappings of the “source material.” (Update:  I’ve now read the “source material” and, frankly, the only connection is that there’s a queen who has a connection to ice and snow.  Other than that, nothing whatever to do with the Andersen tale.)

I’m OK with that.  I like “Disney movies”.

The story begins when she who would become the Snow Queen and her sister are little girls.  They are playing, SQ to be is using her magic power over ice and snow to well, create ice and snow.  There’s an accident and the younger sister is hurt.  The parents, the King and Queen, take the girl to the “Trolls” (good people who apparently take the form of rocks when resting or to hide) who are able to “cure” her, but there’s a problem.  The older sister’s power is dangerous and the King and Queen decide she needs to “control” it (by which they meant suppress it) and to keep it secret they cut off contact with the world.  In fact, SQ cuts off all contact with her younger sister and, frankly, this was the first of many “feels” in this movie as my heart just broke for that little girl.

Time passes, the King and Queen go on a journey where they are lost at sea.  The new queen is to be crowned and. . . .

There’s adventure, there’s excitement, there’s betrayal, there’s true love (although not what you might think).

It is PG-13 and there are two places where I see possible problems for younger kids. The giant monster snowman might be a bit scary for some (I’d call it a bit less scary than the bear in Brave as a point of reference). The other point is the climax. If someone hasn’t figured out the real “solution” to the problem (again, trying to avoid spoilers here), that bit at the end can be heartbreakingly scary for a bit.

All in all, I will own this one on Blu-Ray.

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