Bragging on my daughter

After picking up my daughter at daycare yesterday, she told me, without prompting, that she thought the best melee weapon for a zombie apocalypse was a spiked club. The reasons she gave is that one is easy to fabricate from a piece of wood, a hammer, and some nails and that that it’s relatively easy to drive the spikes into the brain stem. Okay, she didn’t use the term “brain stem” but she pointed to the spot. She said “that was the way you killed zombies.” Hammers and mallets, she said, would cause too much “spatter” in doing enough damage and you’d be more likely to get infected.

She asked what I thought were the best weapons and we discussed zombie killing weapons during the ride home.

For melee, I like a battle axe or kukri (depending on how close the quarters are. For short-mid ranges, a shotgun is good–do a lot of damage quickly because you can’t afford to be subtle. For a bit longer ranges, I like a good, scoped .22–you can carry a bunchaton of ammo and shot placement is king here.

Of course, nothing really beats high explosives and incendiaries.

And then, anything you have is better than the best that you don’t have. What really impressed me, though was that she was thinking in terms of improvised weapons to cover when you don’t have something prepared.

Do I have the coolest daughter or what?

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