"Earth to Echo" a brief review.

On seeing the previews I thought “Oh, ET remade and re-imagined.”

Pretty much.  A group of kids find an alien and help it to go home. In ET, they had to send a message to request pickup.  In Earth to Echo it’s they had to assemble the parts of a “key” to allow the alien to use a spaceship already here.  In both movies they have the nefarious government types attempting to block the return of the alien.

However, the rather ho-hum and derivative story was not the worst part of it.  The worst part of it was that a “conceit” of the movie was that the footage was filming done by the kids, via various cameras, phones, and the like, put together.

That means that “shaky cam” was turned up to 11.

I got motion sick about ten minutes into the movie and stayed that way through to the end.

Absolutely most unpleasant movie experience I have ever had.

Not recommended unless extreme shaky cam is something you like.

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