LibertyCon 29 Schedule

Here’s my schedule for LibertyCon 29.  I’ll have books for sale at my Author’s Alley and Autograph sessions.

Day     Time     Name of Event
Fri     02:00PM     Frontiers of Nanotech    
Fri     04:00PM     Author’s Alley (Burkhead, Kemp, C. Kennedy, Maggert)    
Fri     05:00PM     Opening Ceremonies    
Fri     09:00PM     Bootstrapping Industrial Capacity After An Apocalypse    
Sat     10:00AM     Where Next for Human Space Exploration – Mars?    
Sat     12:00PM     Autograph Session (Burkhead, Patterson)    
Sat     05:00PM     Author’s Alley (Burkhead, Gibbons, D. Kennedy, Schroeder)    
Sat     09:00PM     Reading: Thomas Mays & David Burkhead    
Sat     11:00PM     Mad Scientist Roundtable    
Sun     10:00AM     Kaffeeklatsch    
Sun     12:00PM     Author’s Alley (Brooks, Burkhead, Coe, Lowery)    

In addition, my daughter will have pieces displayed and for sale in the Art Show.  She’s using the “pen name” of “Neko San”.  Check it out.  She’s really good.

Here’s a sample of her work:

Pretty good for a 12 year old.

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