Blast from the Past: No Christianity is not the same as the Taliban or ISIS.

Updated version of a post I made several years ago.

I am not a Christian. I describe as an “Asatru leaning agnostic” or maybe “a practitioner, if not a believer, in Asatru”. Still, I’d I have to say that Christians make far better neighbors than many another group. Yeah, they have their bad apples but the comparison between Christians as a group, at least in the Western world, and Isis or the Taliban is beyond ridiculous. Part of that is simply a matter of civilization. People simply behave better in the civilized world than they do in the more barbaric regions. However Christians in the civilized world try to spread civilization. Groups like Isis and the Taliban try to spread barbarism. Apples and dark matter they have so little in common.

I have yet to meet a Christian who believes I must die for being asatruar (well, leaning that way anyway). They may try to convince me of their belief. They may be concerned for my immortal soul. But they do not say I should be killed for not believing in “the god of the book.” How have ISIS and the Taliban weighed in on that? Is, perhaps, the choice they offer Islam, Dhimmitude (for Christians and Jews–“people of the book”), or death?

The Crusades you say? Well, leave aside that the Crusades were quite a few centuries ago, you might want to look more deeply into the history behind them. It was a lot more complicated than simply wanting to kill the infidel in the name of Christianity.

As for folk like the abortion clinic murderers and the like that are often paraded about as examples of how “Christians are just as bad”, you might want to consider the religious leanings of the people who investigated those crimes, the people who caught the culprits, the people who tried them, the people who convicted them, and the people who punished them. Simple statistics suggests that the majority of them were some flavor of Christian.

How about ISIS or the Taliban? Same thing going on there? Violence in the name of their religion being punished by their religious peers? No?  Sure some other Islamic nations are fighting them but not because they’re attacking Christians or other Infidels, but because Isis and the Taliban are attacking these other Islamic nations for not being Islamic enough.  It’s not the crimes of ISIS and the Taliban they oppose.  It’s who their targets are. “You aren’t supposed to attack us!

Now, this is where some folk will scream about how racist I’m being and how I hate Muslims and…

First off, I never said “all Muslims”.  I called out specifically ISIS and the Taliban and I’d expand that to other extremist groups as well.  Some folk say that the problem is endemic to Islam, that the religion itself calls for that kind of extremism in its very principles and a read of its doctrinal documents combined with the doctrine of abrogation (that which came later–such as the more violent portions of the Quran written once Mohammed and his followers gained military power–supersedes that which was written earlier–the more peaceful and conciliatory passages written while they were few and powerless) would indicate that it is.  But even if so, that still does not mean “every Muslim.”  Just as there are Christians, many of them in fact, who do not follow every aspect of Christ’s teachings, so too will there be at least nominal Muslims who do not follow every aspect of Mohammed’s.

But even that does not make them equivalent.  People tend to be people–some peaceful, some not.  But ideologies are not all the same.  And its not the peaceful lambs who are drawn to groups like ISIS.

And so I wish people would stop with the false comparison.

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