Wait. What? Guns?

This is going to be short, I think, because the point is not a subtle one.

So we had the scene in Charlotte.  Bigots of one stripe opposed by bigots of a different stripe having a big to-do.  And then a bigot drives a car into a group of bigots killing one and injuring others.

It would be funny if it weren’t tragic, or if my sense of humor were only a tiny bit darker.  It’s already pretty dark but not quite that dark.

That would be enough but Shannon Watts, spokesperson for the astroturf Bloomberg Front “Moms Demand Action” just had to open her yap and blame the event on the guns and the NRA.

What?  The NRA supports car rights now?  Or maybe the stupid twit doesn’t know the difference between a car and a gun?

No shots were fired at the event.  Not one.  By anybody.

Oh, some people were legally armed.  But not one gun was fired.

We all know that Ms. Watts will wave any bloody shirt she can in the service of Bloomberg’s “cause”.  But could she at least wave shirts where a gun was actually used?

One thought on “Wait. What? Guns?”

  1. Ahh, yes. Charlottesville.

    As I was in the region, I actually contemplated going up there. The contemptible carpetbagger that currently squats in our Governor’s Mansion was urging Virginians to not attend, so it was tempting to show up, just for spite. However, I had family things that needed my attention. And I hate crowds of angry people, so I stayed away.

    There were LOTS of armed citizens there. Legally, as you pointed out. And, as you point out, not a shot was fired.

    The whole point of the thing had much to do with this current trend of removing Confederate monuments. Some folks, who are not racists or bigots, showed up simply to object to the notion of removing some statues.

    It’s interesting that various branches of law enforcement, along with the National Guard, were on the scene, but did nothing. They were ordered to do nothing (contemptible carpetbaggers orders). Had they been allowed to intervene into some of the fights, maybe it wouldn’t have escalated into some whack job driving into a crowd.

    As far as I’m concerned, people are entitled to their opinions, whether I like those opinions or not. Want to hate people? I don’t care. Glad you’ve got that kind of energy to waste.

    Groups such as the Klan( and other branches of White Power, Inc.), BLM, Antifa, whatever…. they’re all the same to me. Congregations of hateful people. I disagree with their opinions, but they are entitled to them. But, I will condemn unprovoked violent actions.

    It’s also worth noting that that I consider hundreds of issues, and take positions on each of them, individually. Occasionally, that has me taking sides with people that I would want nothing to do with, otherwise.

    One other interesting thing; the outcome was predictable. Yet, a permit for assembly was issued, regardless. Charlottesville is a fairly progressive place, with a fairly progressive mayor, and all. The contemptible carpetbagger, being the Hillary plant that he is, is progressive.

    So, some White Pride types were able to get a permit to protest (though, other jurisdictions have denied them, without consequence, in the past), they show up, the counter protesters show up (trucked in, as usual ), things get violent (though, not as violent as it could have; must have been a great number of responsible gun owners in attendance ), violence was predictable, LEO & National Guard do nothing.

    Almost as if it was planned. I think that it was planned. I think, too, that somebody counted on a bunch of rednecks to open fire, and that didn’t happen.

    Count on more of this sort of thing. And expect it to get worse.


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