Trump is a new Hitler?

I have to say it, I miss Jon Stewart.  While he was extremely left-wing, there were limits to his hyperbole and he was willing to poke fun at his own side from time to time.

What we have now is Trevor Noah.  On returning from a recent vacation to South Africa he said “Turns out, I left the third world and landed in the Third Reich.”

Really?  You think America has become the Third Reich?

Let’s look at that, Trevor (I can call you Trevor, right?  On second thought, I don’t care whether you give me permission or not.)

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933.

We are, at this writing, 215 days into Trump’s term.  Let’s compare:

  • Feb 27 (+28 days) Reichstag Fire.
  • Feb 28 (+29 days) Reichstag Fire Decree suspending many key civil liberties of citizens.
  • Mar 22 (+51 days) Dachau Concentration camp opens
    • Also in March (exact day unspecified Max +60)
      • Orianenberg Concentration Camp opens
      • Ofthoven Collective Point opens
      • Oberer Kuhberg concentration camp Opens
  • Apr 1 (+61 days) Anti-Jewish boycott
  • Apr 7 (+67 days) Jews and other political opponents to Nazis banned from civil service positions
  • Apr 25 (+85 days) Limit on number of Jewish students in schools
  • May 10 (+100 days) Mass public burning of “Non-German” books
  • Jun (unspecified date, Maximum +151 days)
    • Breitenau “Wild Camp” greatly expands political prisoners
  •  Jul 5 (+156 days) Kenma Concentration Camp becomes operational
  • Jul 14 (+165 days)  Law requiring forced sterilization of people with mental and physical disabilities enacted. This also included Roma, “asocial elements”, and “Afro Germans.

So, well before this point in Hitler’s term Germany had suspended civil liberties, restricted Jews from civil service jobs and school attendence, boycotted Jewish businesses, had mass, public book burnings, had five concentration camps open for business, and had begun the forced sterilization of “defectives”.

And that’s just the legal actions.  It does not even consider the widespread violence and thuggery going on–not just “offensive speech” but real violence putting real people in real hospitals (or would if they were lucky enough to be allowed to go to a hospital).

Trump?  Trump has appointed a Supreme Court Justice who has said he will follow the law and the Constitution in deciding cases, not whatever happens to be “popular”.  He has ordered the executive branch to remove two regulations before it can pass any new regulation.  Oh, and he has said some things that people consider to be “mean”.

If Trump and his supporters are Nazis, then they are the biggest slackers in history.  More likely they are not and, Trevor Noah and those saying similar things are spouting pure nonsense.

In short, Mr. Noah, in the words of a great philosopher, “You went full retard.  Never go full retard.”

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