Still Working on Viking Goth

As I said, I tend to be all over the place.  Yesterday I got all political.  Today I present a gallery of my attempts to develop a “Viking Goth” aesthetic.

During the recent solar eclipse, I visited Oleg Volk, a friend of mine in the Nashville area who is also a professional photographer.  While there, in addition to the photos of my daughter (including the one for a book cover I posted about recently) he took some pictures of me for one of my experiments in the line of “Viking Goth”.  We were kind of rushed because of the need for the long drive back although traffic turned out to be so bad that perhaps it didn’t really matter.  In any case, here are the pictures–the Viking Goth and his unimpressed daughter:

4 thoughts on “Still Working on Viking Goth”

    1. Yeah, that’s on the list of things to get. First, though, I’m making payments on a viking sword–5160 steel. As described: it will rust of you look at it wrong, but it will carve a Buick. I can see where that could be useful. 😉


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