Las Vegas Shooting

I’m a little too angry to write much here.  I’m not going to go into the shooting itself.  For one thing, for the first 2-3 days you usually have more speculation and made-up nonsense than actual facts.  Instead, I’m going to go into the responses of some people to this tragedy.  So, let’s see that folk had to say:


Isn’t that just charming?

Let’s see what else is out there.  Oh, there’s this gem:


Leaving aside the factual errors (giving her the benefit of the doubt) in the statements look at the line “I don’t feel sorry or feel bad about what happened in Las Vegas”.


Only counting those who voted not those supporters who, for whatever reason, didn’t make it to the polls, that’s just under 63 million people “i am cassie” wants dead–over political differences.  Five times the total killed in the Holocaust, she wants dead because she doesn’t like their politics.

While I suspect none of these would have the stomach to do it themselves these are the people who would be perfectly willing to stand by and cheer while others load conservatives into boxcars and send them to “showers”.

And it’s not just a few disaffected people on Social Media.  The Vice President (former now) and Senior Counsel for CBS said that she wasn’t even sympathetic to the victims of the shooting since country music fans are often Republicans.  At least CBS had the presence of mind to fire her.  I imagine something like “As senior counsel your job is to keep us out of lawsuits, not lead us into them.”

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) said Monday that he won’t participate in a moment of silence on the House floor for victims of Sunday night’s deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.  Nope, not going to participate in a traditional expression of grief and mourning.

Normally, at this point I would make some statement to sum up the post but…I got nothin’.  There are just no words.


37 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shooting”

  1. These sick fucks need to be put out of OUR misery! Not for color or political affiliation but rather just being terrible human beings! I guarantee you if you walk up to any person that either supports Trump, listens to country music, supports the police, served in the military or fought in any war you will be greeted with a smile, a hug, a warm welcome. Then if you walk up on a liberal, anti Trump, anti police or democrats you’ll be greeted with vitriol, hate and tweets and posts like these…. inhuman idiots


    1. Not true at all. I despise Trump but understand why some voted for him and I don’t hold it against them. I can carry on an adult conversation with most of them because most aren’t assholes like he is. But unless you’re as biased as most you could see that the hatred comes from BOTH sides and slinging mud at the other side accomplishes nothing good. Comments like this from you and MANY republicans only create more hate. I am not a liberal nor whiny nor full of the kind of hate you apparently are.


  2. Oh, there are words…here are a few:
    Degenerate; vile; worthless; sick; sickening; deranged; evil; twisted; repulsive; perverted; heartless….


  3. Left wing depravity knows no bounds-witness Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge, etc. The racism expressed towards whites is at an all time high. The Left specializes at inverting morality and facts. Witness the racist black woman who is oblivious to the number of whites killed by the police.


    1. And oblivious to the number of blacks who kill other blacks on a daily basis somewhere in this country. Has she ever heard of Chicago?? Of course, that doesn’t count.


  4. We need to hit back. Find thspese svumbags and beat them with pipes. They want civil war, bring it to them personally. Seriously, start culling these sacks of dogshit.


  5. First demonization, then acceptance of inhumane treatment. Was done by Nazis AND Communists (Kulaks in Ukraine, for instance). The US PC-nazis have been trying to demonize Republicans since Nixon. Democratic Nazis on college campuses and Dem Nazis in the media, plus even in the US gov’t like at the CIA & FBI. “Laws are for the little people” — why wasn’t Hillary indicted and tried? She’s one of the PC-nazis, and they protect their own.

    They are full of hate, and need to be identified and their disgusting actual behavior needs to cause them to be shamed, and when criminal, prosecuted.


  6. Thing of it is, this isn’t new. It’s been going on for 20 years or better. We are reaching the point where this country is going to break up, because there’s no trust left for the Left.


  7. John Calvin was right: human nature is totally depraved. When the Lord does not give us an understanding of His word, we twist and shape ghastly thoughts from our own filthy hearts and call them good.


  8. I would like to think these are the most cracked of the crack pots on the Left.

    But I’ve thought for quite a while now, it’s the Left’s silent majority. I figured out after 9/11, my differences with the Left weren’t just political – they actually did hate my guts and everything I stand for.


    1. Pretty simple: Twitter’s servers have a different time set than the servers hosting this blog. Not in the least uncommon; it’s one reason the military records everything in Zulu (GMT).


  9. For a long time the saying was that conservatives think liberals are wrong and liberals think conservatives are evil. After the last few years conservatives are starting to see that liberals are every bit as evil as they think conservatives are.


    1. Projection.

      These are still the fringe. But note the silence from those criticizing Trump for not sufficiently condemning “white supremacists” and claiming that saying “there’s wrong on both sides” was the equivalent of supporting Nazis.

      They’re still the fringe, but they’re becoming less “fringy” all the time.


  10. We are under attack from the left and it’s now a deadly affair. WHEN DO WE RUBES OF THE RIGHT START TO SHOOT BACK. The left has been trolling for a civil war for a long time now. I say we give them one soon.


    1. Right now the actual physical attacks are the fringe. They’re becoming less “fringy” by the standard the Left has itself set (“Trump didn’t denounce the White Supremacists loudly enough”).

      Still, going “hot” in a civil war is a very bad thing, would and would almost certainly not produce the results anybody sane would want, so it really needs to be held until it’s absolutely clear that there is no other alternative.


  11. Going “hot” would be the very last option, but if it happens, I believe the best strategy would be to observe any tactic that the left employs and use it against media figures or their institutions. The media is the key to all of this turmoil. They believe they are going to stir up this revolution and let the hoi polloi suffer the consequences. I guarantee if they start to feel it, their song will change.


    1. The way their song will change will be to double down and even further paint conservatives as the “bad guys” (for daring to attack them personally). They’re not going convert. They’re not going to start being “fair” in their reporting. They’ll double down in calling for our heads.

      There is no quick happy ending to be had that way. Going hot in a civil war would turn into a long, very ugly slog, with a lot of innocent casualties along the way, and the extreme likelihood that we’ll end up with some form of tyranny in the end. Out of all the various armed revolutions there have been in the history of the world, the American Revolution is the outlier. Most of them, win or lose, just choose which tyrant is going to be in power in the end. The conditions that make the American Revolution different to a large extent do not hold today (see de Toqueville’s work “Democracy in America” for a very good discussion of that–he was writing in part to see why the aftermath of the American Revolution was so different from the French).

      That is why “going hot” is a last choice. It’s for when there is no other choice.


      1. “Out of all the various armed revolutions there have been in the history of the world, the American Revolution is the outlier.”

        And by that logic, it would never have been fought, since the Founders had no idea they would have succeeded, either.

        “Most of them, win or lose, just choose which tyrant is going to be in power in the end. ”

        Then who will you choose? The tyrant who is going to enslave us, judging by their track record, or us, who want “to take over the world and leave it ruthlessly alone”?

        If you think the Left is going to leave us any other choice, you’re dreaming, and since they aren’t, will we be any better off the more time they are given to chip away?


        1. And by that logic, it would never have been fought, since the Founders had no idea they would have succeeded, either.

          Have you read “Democracy in Action”? Because it goes into why the American Revolution was different. And as I pointed out, a lot of the things that made it different do not hold today.

          who want “to take over the world and leave it ruthlessly alone”?

          The ones who start the Revolution are almost never the ones who end up in power at the end. That’s one of the problems. The ones who “want to take over the world and leave it ruthlessly alone” are almost certainly not to be the ones in power at the end. That’s why it’s a crap shoot to be used only when there is no other option.

          And how is that supposed to work? Are you simply going to kill everybody who disagrees with you? When does that stop? What level of disagreement is acceptable? Any? And wherever you draw the line, why is it drawn there? Why not move it a little bit, reduce the permitted disagreement just a bit. And then of course you have a new line and the same question remains. So, exactly how do you plan to do that? What’s your end game? Because, if you just leave the electorate alone what’s to stop them from voting in exactly the same kinds of politicians that are in power right now?

          If you think the Left is going to leave us any other choice

          So, what you’re telling me is that you are less capable of using persuasion, words, and votes (the tools they’ve used to date) to get your ideas across than they are?

          Yes, we’re late to the party but we have the same tools available to us that they’ve been using to date. This “confidence” you have that we can’t meet them successfully using the same tools can only come down to a combination of two things:

          1) You just don’t think you’re good enough at using the tools to succeed at it or
          2) The ideas that they spread using those tools are so much more appealing that only force, rather than arguing idea against idea, can be used to impose it.

          If the former, then maybe you should just get out of the way of those of us who do think that the skills exist on our side to match them in the “marketplace of ideas” and not only resist their encroachment but push back against them–not necessarily in an unbroken series of wins that give us total victory in something like a single election cycle, but bit by bit over time.

          If the latter, then how are you any better? “Freedom” imposed by force isn’t freedom at all.


          1. “So, what you’re telling me is that you are less capable of using persuasion, words, and votes (the tools they’ve used to date) to get your ideas across than they are?”

            I can’t persuade people who won’t have an honest debate. Or are you trying to tell me that what we’ve seen from the Puppy Kickers and other Leftists is an example of one? Please, show me one example of just that small group that you’ve managed to persuade of anything except that you are a raaaaacist whose “white privilege” means you are always wrong. That also pretty well covers words, by the way: they make up their own definitions and ignore any others. I’m not seeing any progress. Instead, what I’m seeing is you and other people talking about how many conventions you no longer go to, how much you have to disguise your political beliefs at work (assuming that you haven’t met the same fate as Charlie Martin, who hasn’t been able to get work in his career field since he was “outed”), and how many friends you no longer have.

            Votes? Why don’t we see how well that worked out in NH 2016, where vote fraud means that the Democrats got a Senate seat they weren’t entitled to? And that’s just the latest example. How many more Al Frankens, Patty Murrays, etc. will it take to convince you? Voter fraud is rampant in this country, and we can’t even clean up the process enough to purge the rolls of dead people as the law requires, or confirm eligibility with picture id. What are we seeing now, with the various blue cities and states openly saying that they won’t cooperate with any investigation of vote fraud? The ONLY reason we don’t have President Hillary is she was too incompetent to focus the effort properly. I’m certainly not enough of a fool to assume that will continue.

            Example after real world example is available, and you know it, because you’ve blogged about them.


        2. And by that logic, [the American Revolution] would never have been fought, since the Founders had no idea they would have succeeded, either.

          Tom Jefferson considered that, y’know:

          Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes…

          Before anyone on “your side” will go along with you on things going “hot”, you’re going to need to do at least as good a job as Mr Jefferson did in persuading us that no lesser option is available.

          Right now I’m watching the first two boxed of freedom having some success, and the third has barely been needed—and you want to jump to box #4?


      2. I wasn’t suggesting that they would convert or start being fair. What I think is that they are generally a cowardly bunch, and if the revolution that they romanticize starts to wreck their lives the way it’s been used to wreck lives on our side, they will begin to moderate their calls for violence. I could be wrong. They should still be our first strategic object.


        1. This “generally cowardly bunch” you refer to killed more than a hundred million people in the last century, and enslaved the bulk of the world for most of a century as well.
          Even if “we” win (and who is we? the conservative alliance from cold war days is shattered) – most revolutions end with coups and counter-coups, even after they “succeed.” Even ours did – the Constitutional Convention was not authorized to do what it did, and was held in secret with the minutes sealed.

          Going from where we are and giving up on ‘jaw jaw’ and going to millions dead and decades and recrimination and hate is not to be taken lightly.

          Which just makes me sicker at heart, since I think it is all too likely.


  12. I can’t persuade people who won’t have an honest debate.

    So? They aren’t the target. Argument in general, and Internet argument in particular, are spectator sports.

    As for the vote fraud thing, there’s only so far they can go on that and even retain implausible deniability. For one thing, it hasn’t seemed to have stopped the Republicans from taking both the House and Senate, and making some pretty impressive gains among governors and state legislatures. While we haven’t seen a lot of actual results, out of Washington from those changes, if you look at the voting patterns of the “old Guard” Republicans and the new blood you can see some interesting trends. Keeping on the pressure, primarying some more of the old guard, and bringing more of the new blood in is what’s needed there. (I’ve blogged pointing that out that as well.)

    There’s “caution” and there’s “taking counsel of your fears”. You’re doing the latter.

    So, that looks like your answer is #1.


  13. As someone who struggles with clinical depression and PTSD, I find the scapegoating of “the” mentally ill in the media to be one of the most disgraceful features of the aftermath of every mass shooting. “The” mentally ill have the same Constitutional rights as everyone else, yet we are treated as though our rights are mere privileges that can be revoked with the stroke of a president’s pen or a congressional vote. There are at least 75 million of us “mentally ill” in this country, and 96% of us are non-violent; yet these mass shooters have become our official poster boys, and our society wants to punish us for their misdeeds by stripping us of our Second Amendment rights.

    The Left loves this hysteria because it provides them with a golden opportunity to deprive 25% of us citizens– “the” mentally ill– of our right to own guns. The Right loves it, too, because we make a convenient scapegoat to distract us from the culpability of that segment of our society which is excessively infatuated with firearms.

    As for me, I will protest this increasing stigmatization by wearing a black triangle on my shirt and writing a serial number on my forearm whenever I leave my home because I am frankly beginning to feel a bit like a Jew in 1939 Berlin.

    Listen, my fellow citizens: If my rights can be revoked with an executive order or some politicians’ votes, then so can yours– and believe me, they will get around to you, just give it time. But who am I, that anyone should listen to me? I am one of “them,” after all; I am “the” mentally ill.


    1. My view is we need better mental health care, better mental health screening. Those require destigmatization of mental health issues (well, you can do it without that but alternatives require a whole lot of compulsion which I find anathema). We also need to deal with those who are a danger to others and particularly those who refuse to cooperate in treatment of those issues making them a danger to others. Finding the correct path there is not simple.

      I’m also very big on “due process of law” before denying anybody of their liberties. The bar before doing so has to be high, and it has to be something that can be challenged and where the state has to make its case to a competent standard.

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