Irons in the fire

Here’s a list of my current active projects. (I probably have twice as many “back burnered”–I need to learn to write faster.)

The Beasts of Trevanta

The Changeling War is over, the magic that permitted wizards to create nigh unstoppable hordes in The Hordes of Chanakra has been dispelled, to late, however, to save the kingdom of Aerioch.  But the King still lives, as does his son, the swordsmistress Kaila, her wizardly father, and Kreg, the strange outworlder.  As they set on the path to restore lost Aerioch they find a foe never before seen.  Strange, savage beast-men roam the land, slaughtering or enslaving all they encounter.  Can they survive these strange creatures and begin the task of restoring Aerioch to her former glory?  Do even the gods know?


Filling the awesome appetite for materials to feed a booming spaceborne economy is a monumental task.  To fill that need are the Wranglers family businesses that roam the asteroids in ion drive spaceships seeking asteroids rich in the heavy metals vital to industry.  They find the asteroids, mark them with identifying beacons, and divert their orbits down to any of several receiving stations.  But when marked asteroids fail to arrive, Tom Bardeau and his family must find out why before bankruptcy forces the sale of their ship and Tom becomes simply an employee working to someone else’s rules.

Dhampyre the Hunter

Dani Herzeg was a private investigator out of Nashville, but some cases were more private than others.  One of her tasks was to find, and kill, rogue vampires whose actions threatened to reveal the secret of their existence.   But when a case goes badly wrong, Dani finds keeping the secret the least of her problems as the death toll mounts in ever more public, ever more savage, ways.

Alchemy of Shadows

Johann Schmidt has gone by many names over the centuries.  An alchemist, whose very blood is the true, fabled philosopher’s stone.  But through the years he has been chased by mysterious beings he only knows as shadows.  He does not know what they want, why they pursue him.  He only knows that they want him and will destroy anyone who gets in their way with a freezing touch that not even the Elixir of Life can cure.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on any of these.  They’ll be done when they’re done.


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