Coming Soon

thor cover2

Donner Rothskegg: A struggling family man encounters a strange drifter who proves to be more than he ever imagined.

In the Hall of the Giants: From the annals of Norse Mythology, Thor and Loki travel to the land of the giants and face their most fearsome foes ever.

God of Thunder:  A young warrior in the last days of the Greenland colonies is chasing Skraelings who have raided their village when he encounters something extraordinary.

The cover art is by my daughter, Athena.  Final steps in putting this together, including final cover design, are still underway but the ebook should be available shortly.

One thought on “Coming Soon”

  1. The stories all look interesting – I recall reading both Norse myths and of course the Marvel Comics, including the legendary August 1967 “Not Brand Echh”, with The Mighty Sore (I’m not feeling’ so great myself).

    Age of Mythology has a good set of Norse Gods to choose for playing.

    Recently we saw a fine movie The Last King (of Norway, 1203) , which included some soldiers with helmets that had nose guards.

    Sorry Athena, most of the art is fine, but the head and helmet should be redone and improved.


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