It’s the Virtuesignal Robin! To the Virtuemobile!

This is probably going to be a brief one.

So, Cliff Galbraith, founder of East Coast Comicon has banned Kevin Sorbo from the con. (Mr. Galbraith took down the Facebook posting where he announced the banning, but what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet–a point to remember.)

The stated reason is not Mr. Sorbo’s Christian views, nor his conservative politics, although I’m sure those played a part.  No, he banned him because he’s friends with Sean Hannity.  Banned one person because of another person.

There’s only one problem: Kevin Sorbo had no intention of attending the con, had never even heard of this particular con.  He posted on twitter to that effect that he’d never heard of the con nor had his booking agent (I figure that’s what he was typing when he ran out of characters):

They banned someone who had absolutely no intention of being there in the first place.

Now, from a certain perspective–a smug and venal one perhaps–this “banning” makes a certain sense.  Had Kevin Sorbo actually been going to attend that con, there would have been people who would have bought memberships for the chance to see and meet, perhaps get pictures taken with, Hercules.  If they had then banned him, they would lose those memberships and the dollars they represent.

But by banning someone who had no intention of attending, they lose nothing.  They get to virtuesignal (although this “guilt by association” is hardly what I’d call “virtue) without risk and without loss.

Basically virtue for the cowardly.


3 thoughts on “It’s the Virtuesignal Robin! To the Virtuemobile!”

  1. I didn’t know this. You’re right: Being cost-free makes this even sleazier than it first appeared.

    To me, the point of no return (figuratively, as I’d not been there) was when WorldCon banned Dave Truesdale for wanting to have a discussion on these issues. They were simply not willing to make their case. And as if that wasn’t low enough, one of the editors would later ask him not to show the tape by which he could defend himself.

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    1. Maybe not actually cost free, although they may have thought so in advance. I’ve been hearing rumbles of people deciding they weren’t going to go to the con because they pulled that nonsense.


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