Thank you, people of the Left.

People who know me know that I did not support Trump before the election. Given his history I didn’t believe his conservative rhetoric. Even in the campaign he threw five, arguably six, of the Bill of Rights under the bus and showed no signs of interest in restoring those that have already been stomped into the ground. Not even Hillary had a worse record than that on the issue that’s most important to me. So, I fully expected him to turn around and govern from the Left–worse, I fully expected the disaster that would follow from that to be attributed to the Right (leftists have done that before).
I am on record as saying that I was wrong. He did not live down to my fears. And I have never been so glad to be wrong in my life. (Well, maybe the time I lost control of a motorcycle at 100+ MPH and thought “I’m dead” as I went over the handlebars–walked away from that one.)
But I wonder why he so thoroughly rejected his history. Did he actually have a “Road to Damascus” moment sometime before running? I don’t know. But I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason isn’t the way the Left has gone so utterly batshit insane on the subject of Trump. Where the author of “The Art of the Deal” might well have been willing to “make a deal” they were so utterly opposed to anything with the “Trump” name attached that they didn’t just burn any bridges, they burned them with nuclear fire, leaving nothing but scattered elementary particles.
If so, let me give my thanks to those on the left. Thank you for your inarticulate screams of rage. Thank you for your pussy hats, your riots, your claims that anyone who supports Trump a “Nazi” or “Nazi Sympathizer.” Thank you for your marches and your safe spaces. Thank you for your demands for counseling because of the PTSD you got from seeing a pro-Trump message written in sidewalk chalk. Thank you for your faked hate crimes.
And thank you for a government shutdown because you wanted to ensure benefits for non-citizens who are in the US illegally and that was much more important than the actual citizens of the United States.
Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Thank you, people of the Left.”

  1. I supported him in the “This will be funny, and it’s better him than Hillary” way – not that my opinion mattered since y’know, living down under.

    I haven’t looked at the news yet. I’ve tended not to look at the news for a while now. And all I can do is facepalm.


  2. Yup.
    I can’t find any points of disagreement with you on this topic.

    There are people on my Facebook friends list who can’t resist the Pavlovian urge to vomit abuse and insults any time someone posts something that’s not filled with utter contempt for and hatred of Trump. (Jolly Geepers! When Orwell described the “two-minute hate” in 1984, at least he left 1438 minutes of every day that could be used for something productive.)

    These same people label me a mindless knee-jerk Trump supporter because I refuse to join them in their s**t-wallow of hatred. They would certainly apply the same label to you.
    The irony is, Trump was not my first choice. Of the 17 candidates for the Republican nomination, he as about my 25th choice. In the general election, I did not vote for him. I voted against Hillary, and the only way to do that effectively was to mark “Trump” on my ballot.

    That being said, I really like what he’s been doing.
    I also like what the economy has been doing while he’s in office. (While the anti-Trump folks are indulging in their 1440-minute hates, and howling about how the stock market can’t possibly be climbing the way it is, I’ve been trading options and turning a few hundred dollars in contracts into thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. I really approve of what the economy’s doing.)

    I don’t know what message these people want to send, but the one they are sending is, “You don’t have to be batshit crazy to be a Democrat, but it sure helps.”


  3. You know, if you dig up old interviews with Trump on YouTube, ones from the 80’s and 90’s, when he discusses matters of politics back then, he’s pretty consistent with current President Trump.

    Two things that I believe about Donald Trump are: 1) He is an idea guy. He sees a big picture, and pays guys to hammer out the details. And, 2) He truly loves the United States, and truly believes in American Greatness.

    Before he started running, I think that he bought into some Liberal Lunacy, but as his campaign progressed further, I think that he began to receive an education on Constitutional Law, and its importance to the American Way.

    He’s a smart guy. As he received new facts on a topic, he re-evaluated his position on that topic, or formed a position, depending on the topic.

    He’s probably ignored a large number of social issues, over the years, as they didn’t pertain to his business.

    One other thing that occurs to me. Trump is a President who is despised by his own party, as well as the Democrats. He HAS to toe a Constitutional line, to some degree, otherwise there will be grounds to impeach him, and enough votes to succeed at it.


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