What are They Smoking?

So, there was this picture from the 2018 Winter Olympics:

Suddenly the Intertubes were buzzing with the way that North Korean Minister of Propaganda and Agitation (although they generally left out that part) Kim Yo Jong was “stealing the show” from United States Vice President Mike Pence.

Look at that again:  People were raving over the North Korean Minister of Propaganda and Agitation.

Another picture making a lot of appearance is this one:


Okay, she’s reasonably attractive, that is if you go in for North Korean Ministers of Propaganda and Agitation.

Perhaps you might want to consider this picture:


That’s the casket of Otto Warmbier who was part of a tour group in North Korea, accused, arrested, and then convicted of stealing a poster containing a propaganda slogan from his hotel.  He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.  For a poster.  That was in January of 2016.  Seventeen months later, on June 15, 2017, negotiations finally secured his release–but too late to do him any good.  He was returned to the US in a coma where he died on June 19.

But the North Korean Minister of Propaganda and Agitation “stole the show” from Mike Pence.

Then there’s the report of North Korea executing 80 people for crimes ranging from listening to South Korean entertainment broadcasts or owning Bibles.

But the North Korean Minister of Propaganda and Agitation “stole the show” from Pence.

Last year (in fact, a year ago today as I write this) Kim Jong Nam was assassinated with VX nerve gas while traveling through the Kuala Lumpur airport.  Kim Jong Nam had previously been considered the heir apparent to Kim Jong Un but had a falling out.  One of women who sprayed him and held a liquid impregnated cloth on his face say that it was supposed to be a prank, instigated by four men who told them what to do.  The case is still under investigation but, all fingers point toward North Korea in this.

But the North Korean Minister of Propaganda and Agitation “stole the show” from Pence.

What is wrong with you people?  I look around and I don’t see any concentration camps.  All the people criticizing and vilifying the President and Vice President?  None of them are being rounded up.  None of you are afraid to speak up, and you’re entirely justified in that lack of fear because there are no violent purges happening.  There is no Reichstagg Fire.  There is no Night of Long Knives.  You speak in full confidence that you do so in safety.

And you gush over the North Korean Minister of Propaganda?  A regime that does have concentration camps, that does purge political opponents (not even enemies, just opponents), that arrests and imprisons people for wrongspeech, for wrongthought, That tortures a young man to death for stealing a poster?

What. is. wrong. with. you?

15 thoughts on “What are They Smoking?”

  1. I’ll second Mad Mike on that. In fact, I’m sure all of you remember as fondly as I do when The Anointed One commented ruefully to a member of the Fifth Column… er… Fourth Estate… how much he wished the U.S. was “more like North Korea”.


  2. They, the MSM, the Left, etc, cannot help it. They have put themselves in a corner where there is no way out. In their minds we (America and what it stands for) are bad, the worst, so anybody who opposes that, ANYBODY, is their friend and deserves their support. “None are so blind who refuse to see” there are a ton of these sayings that fit these guys, just pick one or a dozen. You cannot reason with them (notice how much emphasis they put on “feelings), they have to be ignored and any of their premises rejected.

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  3. The ability to murder one’s political opponents simply because, is a very desired feature on the Left. And don’t be confused; that includes the American Left. The average SJW in college would love the ability to point out, then eliminate, anyone who opposes their train of thought. This has been understood about what happens with absolute political power for a very long time.

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  4. If we really were the Fascist state the Left claims, they wouldn’t be saying anything, they would all be in jail . . . or worse. Everyone with a COEXIST bumper sticker would be in a camp somewhere out in the desert. Every protest on their part would result in their entire family being rounded up and punished. Basically, they would be treated for real the way they fantasize about treating us.


  5. Most of them are NOT Smoking. And it’s NOT Funny. And they DO have popsicle sticks up their butts… just like their nearly-beloved Minister of Propaganda and Agitation.


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