Just some reasonable, common-sense restrictions.

There’s this petition over on whitehouse.gov:

Petition Congress To Pass A Ban On Naming Mass Murderers in the Media, To Reduce Glamorization and Copycats.

You should sign it.  After all, we’re not asking to actually violate the 1st Amendment, we’re just asking for some reasonable restrictions. No right is unlimited.  After all, the Founding Fathers could never had anticipated the 24 hour news cycle creating fame and notoriety for killers and inspiring endless copycats trying to outdo each other.  Think of the children.

It’s only common sense press control.

Does that sound stupid?

Does that inspire outrage?

Well, guess what.  That’s exactly  what you sound like when you make those arguments for gun control.

2 thoughts on “Just some reasonable, common-sense restrictions.”

  1. This is actually more likely to reduce shootings than any of the gun control proposals. Tho I like having armed teachers & administrators — with those getting a gun & training getting more cash (1%?); and those unwilling to do so getting a bit less (1%? 5% of the amount over $50k?)

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    1. Agreed on the training and incentives for arming teachers and school staff. Trained security might be helpful, as well. We had campus police at my public highschool.


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