Back when I was in High School–this would have been the late 70’s.  The school had this big production where a professional acting couple came to our school and gave a performance of a dramatization of the story of Adam and Eve.  Looking back, I’m kind of surprised even then that it was permitted given its religious nature since they pulled the entire student body into the gym/auditorium for this.  Now, I’m not going to go into the religious aspect but there was a part, somewhat after the expulsion from Eden where Eve comes to Adam and reminds him that they are supposed to be different from all the other animals, special.

Adam, warily, says “yes.”

Eve says “but the grass around our home is the same as the grass the animals live in.  Don’t you think it should be different?  Special?”

Adam says, even even more warily, “And how should our grass be different?”

Eve: “Shorter!”

And thus, for a second time, Eve damned the human race.

I live in a home with a homeowners’ association (I know.  I know!  But the option wasn’t “home with a homeowner’s assosiation” vs. “home without.” It was “home with a homeowners’ association” vs. “continuing to rent an appartment.” “Homeowners’ association” is still an improvement over “landlord”.) and if I don’t keep it mowed they make a fuss.

Lately, we’ve had a lot of rain here.  Every time it looks like the yard might have dried enough that I could mow another line of rain clouds would roll through and soak it all down again.  And while for some reason the grass has been growing rather slower than usual (perhaps it’s been too wet?) it still got uncomfortably tall and I’ve just been waiting for the nastygrams.

Well, finally, we got a break in the weather and I was able to mow.  (I’m setting this to post a few days after this writing–so I’ll have posts going up during LibertyCon.)

My lawn mower has three different ways of operating.  It can be set as a mulching mower, it can throw the clippings into a bag, or it can be set to throw the clippings to the side.  Usually, I use it mulching as that requires the least work and fuss.  However, as tall as the grass had gotten “mulching” is simply shorthand for “constantly clogging, stalling, and needing to be cleared and restarted).  The bag isn’t much of an improvement because if the grass is even a little damp, it sticks together and clogs the opening to the bag and we’re back to “mulching”.

However, I’ve found the side-throwing attachment works great when the grass has gotten taller.  You just need to make sure your pattern going through the lawn is such that the side it throws to is where you’ve already mowed.

This may seem simple to many people but the mowers I used growing up were all side throwing mowers.  I didn’t have these other options.  And for a long, long time I was in rental properties and didn’t have to worry about lawns.

So that’s the story of hour our grass is special, different from the other animals.

It’s shorter.


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