Range Trip

Took my daughter to the range today.  It had been a while.

For various reasons, I wasn’t up to the hour-long drive to a free outdoor range over at Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Area.  Free is good, but sometimes…

There’s an indoor range not too far from where I live.  Relatively decent and, unlike some places I’ve been (that I never too my daughter to, thank the gods) I’ve never felt unsafe there. The range serves distances up to 50 ft (that’s feet, not yards).  It’s meant for handguns so 50′ is fine for most practice–and if I need longer, well, there’s always one of the outdoor ranges like Wilbur Right (free!) or Atterbury Fish and Wildlife area (that one costs money, although it’s admittedly a much nicer range).  The price at the indoor range isn’t bad.

If there’s a downside, it’s that you often have to spend time waiting for one of the clerks in the store (it’s also a gun store) to get free and come check you in.

Since Athena and I both mainly shoot .22LR rifles, we’re fine at even an indoor range.  Today, however, I left the rifles at home. (No, I did not forget them.  This was a deliberate choice.) I wanted to run my CZ75B (in 9X19 mm).  Athena was a bit reluctant to shoot handgun–almost all her previous shooting (after initial familiarization) was with rifle and she’s really good–as I have mentioned here and there:  in a zombie apocalypse, I load her for (and take care of close in threats).  Still, she was willing.  This store is the only place I’ve seen her favorite targets and I thought we could buy a few extra (at a buck each) for the next time we go out to Wilbur Wright.

While there, we got one of their rental guns in .22LR for her to try.  I ran the CZ75.

No, I’m not going to show target pictures, because, frankly, I’m embarrassed by them.  I’ve been shooting rifle almost exclusively and, well, the lack of practice with the handgun shows.  When I first started, my shots were mostly falling to the left and down.  Later in the session, the group started clustering around my point of aim.  Probably anticipating recoil at first, and clearing that up as I focused more on proper trigger squeeze so the actual shot was more of a surprise.  Practice.  Need more practice.

Athena’s groups were far larger than when she’s shooting rifle.  This, too, is no great surprise.  Still, easily getting “minute of bad guy” at 25 feet, a good “self defense” distance.

Despite Athena’s initial reluctance, she enjoyed herself.

In summary, a good time was had by all.

The Range was Indy Gun Bunker.

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