So Elizabeth Warren Still Claims to be Native American?

Short one today.

DNA tests show, basically, 1/1024th (0.09765625%) “Native American.” This is about half the average white American (0.18%).  Oh, and the Cherokee nation shut that claim down right away.

So, one part in a thousand “Native American” genes as opposed to just “human” in general.  but how does that stack up to other things?  Well…

Humans have about 96% commonality with Chimpanzees.  Not to say that 4% difference isn’t pretty important but still, it does make the differences between humans of various groups look a lot less important when you consider that all of us are 96% Chimpanzee.

Humans have 60% DNA shared with chickens.  If somebody calls you a chicken, they’re 60% right.

Humans have more than 60% DNA identical with bananas.  Yep, apparently we have more in common with a tasty yellow fruit than with chickens.  So, perhaps a comeback of someone calls you a chicken?  Yeah, well you’re a banana.  The genes in question are those involved in the inner workings of cells which are extremely common throughout the animal and plant kingdoms and involves stuff that evolved a long, long time ago and remained largely unchanged because it worked well enough not to need to change.

Fruit Flies also have 60% identical DNA with humans.  And I guess we’ll stop here because “Yeah, but you’re a fruit fly” just doesn’t have the ring to it.

One thought on “So Elizabeth Warren Still Claims to be Native American?”

  1. Byron York tweeted:

    Lindsey Graham: ‘I’ve been told my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all just be talk.’ Now wants DNA test, just like Elizabeth Warren. ‘I think I can beat her.’

    Wow, where’d Lindsey find his edge?


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