First Rounds Ruger MkIV and Ruger SP101

I recently acquired two new handguns a Ruger MkIV 22/45 Lightweight, and a Ruger SP101 5 shot .357 Magnum revolver.

20190119_165833 web

20190119_165912 web.jpg

Took them down to Indy Gun Bunker, a local gun store that has an indoor range to try them out.  I shot 50 rounds of .38 Special through the revolver.  My daughter shot 100 rounds through the Mk IV.  I did 50 through the SP101.

I should note that while my daughter is quite good with a rifle she has next to no experience with handgun.  As for me, I’ve never been more than a moderate shot at best and am quite out of practice.

Here’s the target:

20190119_165516 web

The red circle on my nose was my point of aim for my first five shots.  However, when I noted my daughter was aiming for head shots I switched to the red circle on the chest as my point of aim for the remaining 45 shots.

The revolver ran well.  That thing you see in the movies where the person swings out the cylinder, turn the gun upward, push the ejector rod and the brass falls to the ground?  That didn’t happen.  The ejector pushed the brass back but I had to pluck it out of the cylinder by hand.

The Mk IV had one light strike in the course of 100 rounds of CCI mini mags.  We ejected the round, put it back in the magazine and the round fired fine on the second attempt.  This was the only problem we had.

Mostly, we just had a good time.

2 thoughts on “First Rounds Ruger MkIV and Ruger SP101”

  1. Hey, this is Luke. We’ve bumped into each other at Mad Genius and elsewhere. I didn’t realize that you lived just on the other side of the city.
    Shoot me a line at nose[underscore]of[underscore]death at yahoodotcom, and we can meet up to squeeze off a few. (Or something else. Because social contact is a good thing. And also because I broke my shoulder a week ago, so recoil is not my friend at the moment. )


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