Exercising the New Computer

Yesterday I mentioned getting the new computer up and running.  Last night and today I spent some time “exercising” it using Daz-3D.

I ran through the Daz tutorials again just to see how things worked. It’s nice how much faster the new computer is both in working on things and in rendering. More memory (16 GB vs. 8 GB), more powerful video (6 GB NVIDIA Geforce vs 4 GB) and a more powerful processor (8th Gen Core I7 vs. P4 with dual cores) make a big difference.

There were, however, a few problems. When I did the “Elfish Fury IRay” tutorial in the final posing when I put the bend and twist parameters in for the forearm, the forearm itself did not move, just the weapon. And both the “Sci Fi Warrior” and the “Slaying the Dragon” tutorials got stuck at the lighting step. In the “Slaying the Dragon” tutorial the name of the light set over in the content pane was different from what the tutorial asked for.  The Sci Fi Warrior light set did have the correct name.  In both cases I was able to install the light set but the tutorial would not advance from that point.  It just stuck and all I could do was “stop”.  I know there were further steps in the Sci Fi Warrior tutorial.  I don’t remember if there were in Slaying the Dragon.  So, this is a problem.

Finally, I went through the various figures, adding them each into a blank setting (and deleting after), just to check what I had. I had one named “VYK Riley” but when I attempt to add it I get a long list of files that are missing. The only “Riley” I have in my product list is a “Riley for Stephanie 5”. I tried reinstalling that package but it didn’t help.

Here are the results of the tutorials I did complete.  Note, some of the images are large.

I also redid my most recent cover candidate. Oh, that was sweet.


(Note on the image: I’ve done some post work eliminating the chevrons, working on the sleeve rings, moving the “Empire waist” belt down to a more conventional level, and adding the chest awards.)

So, a few glitches but otherwise everything seems to be working fine. The latest cover work I did rendered a whole lot faster and actually appears to have gone farther in the render–the previous attempts, based on how grainy they were, seem to have aborted before fully converging.

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