How about some Goth(ish) Love Songs?

I’m going to say a little bit more here than I usually do on a “Musical Interlude.”  Generally, I just let the music speak for itself but here some explanation is called for.

There’s a lot more out there than I would have realized.  A lot, as one might imagine, deal with death and loss.  And while I’ve used a bit of filter here, some of them are, nevertheless, beyond dark.

Still, it’s been said that one always sees goths in couples, serious long term relationships.  (Okay, generally.  Not always…dammit.) Maybe this acceptance and even ennobling of the darker aspects of love has more value that might at first appear.  After all, if you don’t expect everything to be sweetness and bliss, then when reality clubs you upside the head with problems and gloom it’s not a shock and you’re better able to deal.

Not all of these are strictly “goth” but for me they tend to hit the same kind of emotional resonances in my head.  So first, a little “documentary” on the idea of goth’s in couples.

Now on with the music.


Somewhat different from the usual version:

There’s a lot more but I’ll stop here.


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