I don’t always roll a joint…

But when I do, it’s my ankle.

At ice skating class things were going pretty well.  For the most part, what I need is to develop both my balance and my confidence in my balance that I’m not always half afraid of my feet going out from under me and ending up in a painful drop on the ice. (It’s a lot worse at my age than when I was 18.)

I was doing a new technique today, “slaloms”.  Doing pretty well actually.  Only I was paying too much attention to the new technique and not enough on making sure I had sufficient room to stop comfortably (still rather weak on my stops) before I ran out of ice.  So I see I’m getting close to the wall and I try and stop short.  Only I lean back a little too much and…

Boom.  It wouldn’t have been too bad only  my right leg was folded under me and I landed my weight on my ankle.

Yeah, I was done for the day.  Got some redness and swelling.  And I’m sitting at home now with ice on it.  Hoping it’s just a minor twisting of the ankle and not a full-on sprain (although the swelling suggests otherwise).   If it’s not significantly better by tomorrow morning I’ll go in to have my doctor look at it.  I can stay mostly off my feet until then.

What would really, really suck is for it to be a serious sprain putting me out of action for several weeks.  I paid for eight weeks of classes.  So far, I’ve gotten two of them.  Hate to not be able to take the other six because of an injury.

One thought on “I don’t always roll a joint…”

  1. Physical activity of any sort at (our) age is akin to fighting a tyrannosaurus rex with a chipped spear point strapped to a stick. I tried to start skating again (played a bit of hockey in my youth) and my ankles just didn’t seem to want to adjust. Didn’t help that the skating rink is inconveniently a half hour away and has odd public skating hours. Even bought a set of roller-blades to practice outside of rink time. That didn’t help much either because the roads aren’t that smooth around here and there are no paved trails. Oh well.


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