Symphonic Metal: A Musical Interlude

Some years back when I had my “musical awakening”, I was introduced to the term “symphonic metal.” Now I had heard symphonies.  And I had heard metal (without, in those earlier years, appreciating it).  And when I heard the term “symphonic metal” I thought it had to be remarkably pretentious.

Then I actually listened to some:

Of course, Nightwish isn’t the only symphonic metal band out there by far.

In a review of the next one the reviewer criticized Liv for “bombast” and her use of “operatic registers.” However, those were the very things I love about her vocals:

Then there’s this group:

(joined by Tarja, formerly of Nightwish here)

Epica is also not to be missed:

Some might disagree with categorizing Delain as Symphonic Metal but I’ll put them here because they are just that good:

And that, I think, is enough for this time around.

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