More bad apples

Yes, I have talked about this recently but this one just disturbed me to no end.


“One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” If said bad apple is not immediately removed, the rot spreads.

That this psychopath could be acquitted in large part because the judge suppressed the body cam footage, suppressed introduction of his public statements where he looks forward to killing people, and suppressed introduction of his personalized weapon with “you’re fucked” on it demonstrates that the rot has already spread quite wide indeed. It’s not just the cops but judges and prosecutors who are complicit.

Add in that the whole purpose of the “simon says” they were forcing a man who had done nothing illegal to follow was to keep the suspect disoriented and confused (and thus prone to make mistakes) and then the police use a single mistake as a justification for killing him.  This demonstrates that the purpose of that procedure is, indeed, simply to give them an excuse to kill someone.  If you want someone to follow orders and comply, you give orders that are clear and easy to understand and follow.  If you want them to make mistakes, then you give confusing and contradictory orders.  And if the entirely predictable result of those orders is that they make a mistake in following them, and said mistake is justification for shooting them, well, that looks a lot like premeditation from over here.

Again, the rot has spread far and wide throughout the system.

And to cap it all off, he gets a pension for having PTSD from murdering a man? AYFSM?

It’s not “a few bad apples” (or not anymore). It’s a systemic problem.

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