Keto Chow

I don’t usually do product endorsements–the occasional review of a book or the like but that’s about it.  This, however, was something different.

First I saw the ad on the Book of Faces.  It was a scream:

Since I’m going very low-carb in my diet (not, strictly keto–I allow myself a bit more carbs than true keto calls for) I thought I’d give it a try.

I got the starter pack.  It included the “blender bottle” and a selection of flavors in single serving pouches.  Normally it comes in larger bags with a scoop to measure out individual servings.  It had chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, snickerdoodle (yes, really, snickerdoodle), mocha, and salted caramel.

You start by adding your fat to the blender bottle.  Options for that include heavy cream, avocado oil, or what have you.  I used heavy cream since I happened to have it to hand.  The amount you add varies depending on what your caloric goals for the day are.  In my case, a half cup of heavy cream was appropriate.  Then you add the powder and top it with about 14 oz of water.  I don’t think it’s horribly critical how much water you add–more or less will just make the resultant shake thicker or thinner.  For me I just mostly fill the bottle and call it close enough.

There’s this wire “whisk” ball that goes in the blender bottle.  You shake, the ball rattles back and forth helping mix it.  Then you put it in the refrigerator.  They say leave it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour and recommend overnight.  This works out well for me because I make it in the evening to use it the next morning for breakfast on my way to drop off my daughter at school and go to work.

As breakfast they’ve been filling.  Indeed, surprising for something you drink, they’ve kept me filled until lunch time so less snacking than before.  Every one I’ve tried so far has been quite tasty including the mocha which was another surprise.  Mocha–chocolate and coffee as I understand it–I was really expecting to dislike. Generally, I despise coffee. Raised without coffee so never acquired a taste for it while young and the few times I tried it in the years since begin at “revolting” and go down from there.

Still, I didn’t want to waste the packet if I could avoid it so I thought I’d at least give it a try–but on the weekend. That way if I couldn’t stand it and ended up pitching it, I would still be able to fix something else for the morning (and not be, say, out of time before I had to head out the door to work. Turns out it wasn’t bad at all. The sweet and chocolate mostly dominated, with the “coffee” adding just a bit of an edge to it. So…not bad at all.

Looking at the prices of the various flavors, it looks like it comes to about $3.00 per “meal”–some a little more, some a little less depending on flavor–plus the cost of your fat.  Maybe not quite as cheap as cooking bacon and eggs or what have you for breakfast, but worth it, I think for the convenience factor.

So, I approve.

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