Playtime at the Vet

We lost one of our ferrets (Udon) earlier this month.  She’d been sick and we had the vet check her out.  Since she wasn’t eating the dry food, the vet suggested some wet food, watered down even more until we could use a syringe to feed her.

After a while, she got better, not well but better.  Unfortunately, she soon began deteriorating again.  We made an appointment with the vet for the next day but…sadly…she didn’t make it through the night.  I found her dead the next morning.

My daughter was, as you can imagine, seriously broken up.  I didn’t want to suggest to her getting a “replacement” since, of course, you can’t just replace something you love that’s gone with something else.  So I snuck it in.

Ferrets, you see, don’t generally do well alone.  They can get depressed and get destructive.  Or they can literally mope themselves to death.  So, I suggested, for the other ferret’s (Soba’s) sake, we get another ferret–this one named Ramen.

It worked on both counts.  My daughter’s mood picked up.  She was still sad, because, yeah, a new ferret doesn’t make the loss of the old one go away and stop hurting.  But it did provide something else to lavish attention on.  And Soba seemed to get along well with the new ferret.

One thing we had to do was to have our exotic animal vet check out the new ferret.  So, after dropping my daughter off at school recently, I went home, picked up the ferrets (taking Soba along to keep Ramen company) and took them to the scheduled appointment.

Ramen needed a round of shots.  We’ll have to go back in about a month for the rabies shot.  Ramen is only about eight weeks old and that shot is supposed to be at 11-12 weeks.

After the shots, we needed to wait just to make sure Ramen wouldn’t have a reaction to it.  So I put them on the floor to play.  They had a nice, long play session.

And, yes, I have pictures.  Soba is the white one.  Ramen is the champagne.  Note that Ramen actually crawled under the scale in the corner of the room.  There’s a strip at the bottom of the door to the treatment room, closing off the gap between door and floor, that was added since the last time we were there (with Udon and Soba to see if they could help with Udon’s illness). In fact, it was our last trip that prompted adding that strip because Soba was able to get out that way.


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