Coping with Chaos, a Musical Interlude

There’s movie “Deathgasm” which I haven’t seen (but maybe I should) but which has been the source of more than one “meme.” One in particular has the metalhead guy (as in every pic I’ve seen him in has him all in black and heavily made up) explaining to his very non-metal girlfriend that when he feels sad he listens to metal music and it’s better because someone else knows the pain.

Whether someone else knows the pain or not is an open question.  The performers could simply be crafting the illusion that they actually “know the pain”. On the other hand, the illusion can be enough.

So when life seems too overwhelming.  When I can’t seem to cope.  I listen to metal (and I’ll add Goth to that too) and, yeah, it’s better because I’m not alone.  Even if that particular artist is just crafting an illusion and their own life is all sweetness and light, the fact that they’re able to craft that illusion shows that they’re drawing on sources that do share the pain.  And so I’m able to move on and, somehow, find the way to cope.

So here are some examples:

Evanescence has a number of songs that fit this theme–I could do this whole interlude just using their music, but I’ll try to limit myself to provide some variety today. 😉

Okay, I’ll do another Evanescence song here.  When I heard this one I thought it was about a love gone sour and it still works that way, but the video adds a whole new dimension to it which I very much like.  Both views work and both suit a mood.

One thought on “Coping with Chaos, a Musical Interlude”

  1. I’m partial to Robert Johnson during the bad, painful times. It’s rough, raw, powerful stuff from a man who sadly died before he became successful. “Love in Vain” is especially… something.


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