Magical Thinking about Electricity Production


Oh for the…

First you have to find where the coal is. It isn’t everywhere. That takes people (who want to be paid) with equipment (that has to be paid for) to do the searching.

Then you find that the coal is usually on land that someone owns. Digging it up will disrupt other uses of that land. The people who own it will want to be compensated for that. Most convenient way is generally to have the coal miners buy it–which means it will have to be paid for.

Then the coal isn’t just sitting there on the ground. It has to be dug up. That, once again requires people (who want to be paid) and equipment (which has to be paid for). Even if you find coal that is just sitting on the surface it still needs to be gathered by people who, once again, need to be paid, and getting useful amounts will require equipment that needs to be paid for.

Then the coal must be gotten to someplace where it can be used. This, once more requires people (who want to be paid) and equipment, chiefly trucks, trains, ships, and what not (that needs to be paid for).

Coal doesn’t magically produce electricity. Producing electricity requires equipment (that needs to be paid for) run by people (who still insist on being paid).

You have to get the electricity to the folk who are going to use it. This requires a distribution network of cables (which need to be paid for), installed by people (want to be paid) using equipment (that needs to be paid for).

All of this stuff will occasionally have breakdowns and will need to be repaired by, you guessed it, people (who want to be paid) using equipment (that needs to be paid for).

Now here’s the thing.  This guy is ridiculous.  He’s so ridiculous that even the Far Left (actually fully Marxist) “Economic Freedom Foundation” found him too ridiculous and expelled him, leading to him founding the Black First Land First organization.  And his “proposal” here is, as shown above, utterly preposterous.

But as preposterous as it is, it is no more preposterous than any other claims that things that require goods produced by others as well as the labor of others can ever be “free.” Even slaves have a cost–to acquire, to keep, and to keep working on what you want them to work on rather than what they would prefer to do for their own benefit.

All of the talk about something that requires the labor and goods of others being “rights”, and thus should be provided “free” may create a smokescreen of words to hide it, but they all come down to the same impossibility.  Everything that requires goods and services provided by others has to be paid for.

The only question is whether it will be paid for by people engaging in voluntary exchange, or whether it ill be taken by force.

One thought on “Magical Thinking about Electricity Production”

  1. As with most charlatans, the details of the demagoguery aren’t important.
    In fact, unfulfilled promises are often more useful, because you can blame your opposition while asking for more power.
    And should a monopoly on power be reached, just purge anyone foolish enough to remind you of your promises.


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