Protesting Business Shutdowns and Shelter in Place

I have pointed out repeatedly that I think the “precautions” being take against COVID-19 (AKA Winnie the Flu) are excessive and will in fact, lead to more death and hardship than the disease itself would.

Well, yesterday a group of like-minded individuals gathered together in front of the Governor’s Mansion here in Indianapolis to protest that very thing.

My daughter and her Service Dog in Training Dango were there:

The protest actually provided an opportunity for the socialization that is an important part of Dango’s training and so very hard to get with so many public venues shut down and with all the “social distancing” protocols:


As is generally the case, there were signs.  Lots and lots of signs.

In addition to those standing in front of the mansion, we had “drive by” protesters as well:

Unfortunately the drive-by’s did a lot of honking and some, especially that bus, were enough to start stressing Dango.  We need to build him up to handling that much at once.  And so we packed it in early and headed home.

Are you listening Governor Holcomb?

Let my economy go!


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