Happy (Or not, as you prefer) World Goth Day

Normally I do these in the evening, but for today I’ll post early.


For those unfamiliar, here’s a brief history of Goths, the Gothic subculture and why “Goth”  even though they, we, were nowhere about when Rome was being sacked. (I’ve got an alibi!)

And some pictures of Goths, being Goth (what can I say, I like couples):

If this interests you, Toxic Tears has some tips on getting started:

One thought on “Happy (Or not, as you prefer) World Goth Day”

  1. I have.. mixed.. feelings regarding WGD considering I know who the founder of such is… and know (and have met a few times) his now EX-fiancee and how that came about. It is NOT a story am I am willing to tell in public, however. The DAY? Almost certainly a Good Idea. (and NOT of the “Good Idea Fairy’ kind!) Pity about the fiddly details of it.


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