What Libertarian Party?

So there was this:


Anyone reading this blog much will know that I am strongly, strongly libertarian in my views.  Not full-blown anarchist (or “voluntaryist” as some like to style it), but very much minarchist.  However the “Libertarian” party has become anything but that.  It became blatantly obvious in 2016 when they nominated “Bake the cake” Johnson and “Ban the guns” Weld as their Presidential ticket.  And it continues with their current pick.  Take the above tweets as an example.

Her use of the term “actively anti racist” has three possible explanations:

  1. She doesn’t know what that term means as it is actually used currently in which case she is utterly oblivious to what’s going on in this country and, therefore, not to be voted for.
  2. She does know what it means, doesn’t actually agree with it, and is simply pandering to the Wokies, in which case we can expect her to continue to pander to them if by some cosmic joke she is elected and, thus, is not to be voted for.
  3. She does know what it means and agrees with it, in which case she is a Wokie and, thus, is not to be voted for.

It’s not a matter of disagreeing with her on one particular point (like, say, disagreeing about border enforcement) but rather what this says about her at a basic level.

If she had simply gone “We need to end qualified immunity, police brutality, sentencing disparities, and the war on drugs” I would have had no objection.  But, no, she had to appeal to the wokies with the “we need to be actively anti-racist.”

This is the same issue I had with Trump in ’16. He was all about making deals and while he talked a good game during the campaign he also was about “selling the fantasy” (his own expression from “The Art of the Deal”) and admitted they were “just flexible suggestions” (his words after he’d walked back one of his campaign talking points). Add in his history of supporting left-wing positions and candidates in the past and I expected him to “make deals” which would give the Left much of what they wanted because the squishes in the Republican party would go along with it. While he might not have tried to do as much bad as Hillary would have, given, the Republican opposition to Hillary that would not have been there for Trump (remember, this was my assessment before the election) I fully expected that he would manage to implement more of the Left Wing wish list than Hillary–who would at least have faced token Republican opposition–would have been able to implement.

I was wrong there, largely because the Left went completely insane with TDS, making deals essentially impossible and pushing Trump the other way. (Although he did manage to implement more Federal gun control than Obama did in eight years.) So a big “thank you” to the folk on the Left.

I cannot expect lightning to strike twice in that regard in the unlikely event of a Jorgenson win. I can expect them to continue to behave that way in the much more likely event of a Trump win.

So…Trump 2020.

2 thoughts on “What Libertarian Party?”

  1. I, too, expected Trump to rollover for the Democrats in his search to “make a deal.” I suspect the Democrats really shot themselves in the foot with their constant attacks on him *after* the election (before the election is understandable). They left him nowhere to turn except to the right, making him more “conservative” than any President since at least Ronald Reagan.


    1. I think the real tripping point was the attacks on his family and friends, who did nothing to draw the left’s ire other than daring to share blood or friendships with The Evil One(tm).


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