Buckle Up, It’s Going to get Bumpy.


There was this pic on the Book of Faces.  I originally thought to write just a short bit of snark on it but instead it turned into a rant.

The snark:  Then they won’t be providing cover for the bad ones.

The problem is that police departments are bureaucratic organizations. And like all bureaucratic organizations the “Iron Law” applies. In this case, it’s fully developed. Those “dedicated to the organization itself” (as opposed to those “dedicated to the goals of the organization”) are fully in charge.

I’m not even saying it’s a majority of law enforcement officers, just “the ones driving the bus.”

A serious housecleaning is necessary. I would prefer it happen from within. It’s better for them, better for us, and likely to have a whole lot less collateral damage. But years of promises and no actual cleaning makes me skeptical of “this time for sure.” So at this point I have grave doubts that it can come from within. And, indeed, the Iron Law would seem to imply that the change cannot come from within.

That leaves political fixes “from above”. But political requires that it become an issue for the politicians. And for it to become an issue for the politicians, it has to be something that’s politically profitable for them. And for that to happen there has to be a climate of opinion making this issue important enough that it will affect who people vote for.

And that means people need to be both aware of and outraged over police abuses, real police abuses not the drummed up stuff we sometimes see.

You see, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with the big protests, fomented by BLM and like groups: they only seem to raise a ruckus when the supposed “abuse” (shooting of Michael Brown as one example) is entirely justified (assault a police officer, attempt to steal his weapon, and charge at him once he has weapon drawn and you’re only a victim of your own stupidity), or where the system was working (the officer who killed George Floyd was immediately fired and, after a brief period for investigation arrested).

When the cases are actual abuse? Crickets. At best they’ll be mentioned as an aside in the midst of people protesting legitimate exercise of law enforcement authority.

This portrayal of legitimate law enforcement authority does nothing to help curb abuses of police power. If anything it undercuts attempts by making all objections seem every bit as misapplied.

And this happens again and again and again. There’s a saying “once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” Well we’re well into “enemy action” on this. And one has to wonder why, what’s the gain.

I could speculate, get well into “conspiracy theory” territory. The same folk who are behind these protests are also among those who, as just one example, want to ban private firearm ownership. And enforcing a general ban on firearms, particularly in the wake of the massive non-compliance for things like magazine size restrictions and bump stock bans, would require severe police abuse. Undermine the credibility of accusations of abuse and it becomes much easier to carry it out.

Mind you, I don’t believe it’s anything as straightforward as that. Indeed, I’m not sure that the folk organizing this have anything as specific as a plan. It could also simply be a matter of undermining police authority in general, or hamstringing the police, so as to give certain groups a much freer hand in ignoring/violating the law as they pursue their various ends.

In any case, buckle up. It’s going to get bumpy.

2 thoughts on “Buckle Up, It’s Going to get Bumpy.”

  1. I have a different take on this.

    IIRC Most of the “Bad Cops” happens in the High Crime areas of Democratic strongholds.

    Of course, the Democratic Leadership want to ignore the High Crime areas especially when the High Crime areas largely the areas with a high population of poor minorities. The sort of people that the Democrats claim to want to help.

    Of course, both the criminals and the crime victims are often poor minorities.

    While doing something about the crime would help the poor minorities, it means admitting that the criminals are mostly “poor” minorities. The Democrats don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

    So the Democratic Politicians like cases of “Bad Cops” because it takes the focus away from their failure to help the victims of the crime in those areas.

    It is very very interesting that Black Lives Matter aren’t concerned about Blacks who are the victims of Black Criminals.


  2. In real life, when the good cops get tired of it and quit– they’re quitting the big, political city forces, and moving to places where they are allowed to, you know, police.

    Contrast Portland and Des Moines. There were maybe three nights when stuff got out of control, it was actually “got out of control” not “started out of control”, and then the police actually did their jobs before things got out of control. There were a bunch of calls about mysterious piles of bricks (I heard about it because it was being mocked, but then I predicted that any piles would have some sort of reason to be there, but wouldn’t be used if they were contacted about them), the guys casing government buildings were made aware in a very friendly, I-saw-your-face, see-you-at-the-protest-tonight kind of way. And, amazingly, we are not…well, Portland. (That our protests don’t start out by being theoretically illegal but enabled by those in power helps, too– Iowa doesn’t have a masking order, and never did the stay-at-home order.)


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