Goth on Ice: I Feel Pretty

Okay, not really. (I own a mirror; I know what I look like.) The title is a reference to the two new techniques my coach started this last class: Spirals and lunges.

Spirals and lunges are techniques where the point isn’t intricate footwork like in twizzles. They’re not about the speed and rotation of spins. They’re not about the athleticism of triple and quad jumps. No, they’re about grace and elegance, about looking good on the ice.

Coach Julia has an instruction video for spirals. One of the keys is getting sufficient flexibility, particularly extension in the quadriceps, to produce be able to get the free leg up high.

One “trick” my own instructor gave me was that this is one of the very few techniques where you should lock the knee of the skating leg. Doing so helps keep your weight on the back part of the blade preventing catching toe picks and making a very painful faceplant.

And here’s Coach Julia’s tutorial on forward lunges.

Let’s just say that I’ve got a long way to go yet.

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