Goth on Ice: Trying the New Skates.

Some things I’ve noticed switching from my old skates to the new ones. The old skates were Riedell Motions with their Eclipse Cosmos blade (the slight “upgrade” available buying the boot and blade set). The new ones are Jackson Premier Fusion with Coronation Ace blades. (Links are approximate to show basically what I have and may not match details like size or color for what I have. These are Amazon affiliate links and I receive a small payment for purchase you make if you go to Amazon via one of those links.

First thing I’ve noticed is that, while I had foot pain issues (with my arches, I always have foot pain issues), they weren’t anywhere near as bad as the Riedell’s were when I first bought them. Second thing, is that the laces are actually long enough. I simply could not completely lace up my old skates with the laces that came with them, or even the next size up (120″). At first, I tried skipping a couple of holes to save a bit of pace and maybe relieve some of the foot pain but…that led to some deformity of the boot and probably contributed to their breaking down after only two years. For a while I tied to 75″ laces together to create something a bit more than 140″ (after accounting for what was used in the knot). Later, I found 140″ laces that, while not figure skate laces, served until I replaced the boots.

On the ice, there was definitely a learning curve. It took me a couple days (maybe two hours total ice time–half an hour the first time, a but under an hour and a half the second) before I got really confident with my forward skating and before I was ready to even try any other elements besides forward stroking and forward crossovers.

Backward has been a bit of a mixed bag. Backward pumps on a circle and backward crossovers (the latter tried for the first time today) seemed much easier and smoother than with my old skates. Backward edges, however, were a different matter. I couldn’t go more than two or three feet before having to set down the free foot.

I started working on backward one foot glides and, yeah, that was proving much more challenging than it had been but I started getting it. Along the way, I tried my forward three turns. Outside three turn was very nice, including the brief back inside edge coming out of it. The inside three turn has proven a bit more challenging but it was an element I was working to get consistent before the switch so I’m not surprised.

I haven’t tried either of my hops (side toe and bunny) and wonder what effect the larger drag pick and king pick on the Coronation Ace as compared to the Eclipse Cosmos will have. I might want to wear my headgear when I reintroduce the hops…just in case. I haven’t tried my spins either. So…that will be interesting.

So far there’s been a learning curve, but not as bad as I feared. The boots are getting more comfy as they break in. One “trick” I had to figure out is that when various instructionals say “tighten the skates on the ice every 20 minutes or so as the leather softens and conforms to your foot” the mean loosen and tighten as normal not crank them down tighter from where they are.

What really puzzles me though is why my backward pumps on a circle and back crossovers came so easily after the switch but the back one foot glides and back edges have presented such a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Goth on Ice: Trying the New Skates.”

  1. ” “tighten the skates on the ice every 20 minutes or so ” the mean loosen and tighten as normal not crank them down tighter from where they are.”

    That makes perfect sense. I’ve always just stopped and given the laces (hockey skates, not figure skates) an extra tug when they loosened up and it never really seemed to make a lot of difference.

    Also, might be time to watch The Cutting Edge again. Good movie.

    Hope you are having (will have had by the time you see this ) a very Merry Christmas.


    1. I learned that just increasing the tightness does little except increase the foot pain. By loosening a bit then tightening to “normal” the leather is allowed to re-conform to the foot and make better contact without increasing the misery. Once the skates are broken in, wearing them shouldn’t hurt. Well, shouldn’t hurt for most people. With my arch issues I’m always going to have pain for a while when I first start on the ice for a session. It fades after a bit and I’m good from there. Then, when I take the skates off, my arches really light up.

      Old fart problems. 😉


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