Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Saw Captain America:  The Winter Soldier today.

Bottom line:  Awesome; see it.

I had one bit of unpleasantness about it.  The camerawork, particularly during the fight scenes was nerve wracking.  My daughter or a bit said she didn’t want to watch it because it was making her motion sick.

That said, the fight scenes were well choreographed and really captured what I imagined of Cap’s fighting style from the comics.  The story started with blazing action and never let up.  Don’t go in expecting deep, philosophical discussion but there is philosophy there.

I do like the interpretation of The Falcon here.  I hope they keep the character around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I was also very pleased by the Black Widow’s part in the movie.

One of the things I liked about the comics, at least back when I was reading comics regularly (for various reasons I dropped out in the mid-late eighties) is that they kept Cap patriotic and idealistic without using him as a mouthpiece for partisan politics.  Well, there was the occasional break in the latter part of that but the writers were only human.  But Cap’s devotion to America, and the ideals of its founding (while recognizing the failings of the all-too-fallible humans that organized that founding) is one of the things that made him one of my favorite characters back in the day.  And he remains so in the Marvel movies because they appear to be continuing that tradition.

Really, very little negative to say about the move, just that bit about the camerawork.  So, yeah, see it.

I do wonder if “Agents of Shield was picked up for a second season (I haven’t seen most of it yet and reviews I’ve seen on it have been very mixed indeed) and, if so, well, the ending of the movie does present some challenges for that, let us say.

It’s a Marvel movie, so watch for “easter eggs” at the end.  There are two.  Stay for both of them.

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