That Would Be a Very Bad Idea, Cupcake

Allow me to explain, Pam, why this is a really, really bad idea. I have warned about how bad an idea legal reprisals against a departing administration would be, but let’s consider the specific case you present here.

Let’s consider for a moment, purely for the sake of argument, that this were actually true. If folk, including governors, started treating Trump as the legitimate president and, therefore, the election illegitimate, what’s to stop them from treating an impeachment or indictment as equally illegitimate? Even imprisonment (follow that indictment with a show trial and send him to prison) wouldn’t stop it. After all, it’s not unknown for mob bosses to continue to run their organizations from behind bars.

So, what’s the solution? If this is truly the path they were to take how would they stop that “shadow government”? There are only two ways. One would be to hold Trump completely incommunicado, even to the extent of forbidding him contact with counsel to discuss appeals and other aspects of due process. Or they would simply have to kill him (assassination or execution depending on whether they fig-leaf it with a kangaroo court).

That would be absolute “go time”. Count on it.

Indeed, at this point, after comments by people like you, Pam, the movers and shakers among the Left need to be praying for Trump’s continued good health because if anything happened to him, anything at all–his fault, their fault, nobody’s fault–nothing in the universe would prevent people from assuming it was a political assassination and responding accordingly. Just like few people believe that Epstein killed himself.

So, I’ll say it here first: Donald Trump did not kill himself.

At that point, it won’t matter what actually happened. All that will matter is what people believe. And, people will believe that your side had him killed. And none of your willing lapdogs in the media will be able to change that belief. And when you add rhetoric about making lists of Trump “supporters” with what qualifies as a “supporter” being left delightfully vague, people with even a modest preference for Trump’s policies (i.e. close to half the nation) will see their options shrinking, getting closer to “fight or die” or maybe “fight and die or just die”. In which case, you’ll see a lot of people figuring if they are going down anyway, they might as well take a few others with them.

And that is why following your line of thinking to its inevitable conclusion is a very bad idea indeed.

45 thoughts on “That Would Be a Very Bad Idea, Cupcake”

      1. “Wars are not won by dying for your country. Wars are won by making the other poor bastard die for /his/ country!” (Probably misquoting, but Patton’s sentiment is still there.)

        And there will be those of us who will simply not care if they get killed, so long as they take as many of the other side with them. After all, the size of your honour guard determines your status in Hell…

        But you’re entirely correct – the best outcome is to fight and LIVE, and to continue doing so for as long as possible.

        I’ve been ruminating on this for some time, and watching this pot boil for 15-20 years. Trump both eased the situation (by listening to us) and exacerbated it (by the democrats becoming hyper-polarized in response.) The loss/theft of this last election has galvanized people closer to action. I don’t know what the precipitating incident will be, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open, and generally keeping my head down. Further, I’ve had all of my trusted people migrate to an encrypted email provider ( – they start with a free plan, any emails that stay in their domain are end-to-end encrypted, they require NO personal information to open up an email account, and their first-level paid plans include a VPN access with two simultaneous connections (more as you pay for higher plans.) Based in Switzerland, Swiss privacy laws apply.)

        Just be careful who you trust, and always listen to that little voice in the back of your head – it doesn’t speak up often, but when it speaks up, it does so for a REASON. Mine’s never been wrong, and it’s saved my arse more times than I’d care to count. Or admit to. I can count on the fingers of one nose how many times it’s been wrong in the last 40 years…



  1. As we live in the ”Gaslight” era, it’s hard to tell if these morons really mean what they say or are just looking to get a blue checkmark from Twitler twats as a way of virtue signaling to their base. I will say that it’s good to know just who these people are-let them “out” themselves as fascists, it makes our job so much easier.

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    1. Funny how they call everyone else fascist, except themselves. And very few people even notice. I mean did literally everyone forget what the definition of fascism is?! Am I the only one who payed the least bit of attention in history class? And I barely passed most of those classes. 😅


      1. Well, when words meaning are redefined it’s not all that hard to understand. In the Newspeak dictionary fascist is anyone who does not agree with the Socialist all powerful state. Hope that clears it all up!

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  2. One thing to keep in mind; the left (commies) always accuse the other side of doing what they in fact are doing. Russia, Ukraine, rigging elections, et. al. Thus, we can infer from this overwhelming pattern that Barry Soetoro is most likely running a shadow government from his mansion near the white house. In fact, he even admitted that’s what he wanted to do. Also remember, Barry HATES America and Americans. Prepare accordingly.

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  3. Not to mention, but I will that state governors are executives of sovereign entities. They don’t “take orders” from the president so I’m not sure what the premise here is supposed to be, Pam. In the past few years I have litigated several cases brought by lawyers who were under the delusion that their redress for local government processes that didn’t go their way was to file a federal lawsuit. They were always shocked to be schooled in the fact that the federal government has no right to interfere in state processes. There still is state sovereignty. I understand that it doesn’t feel like it, since the federal government buys state politicians with money in the form of grants and money for infrastructure but nevertheless it is true that states are sovereign. So Pam’s premise is faulty from the start. But beyond that, the pure fascism of her view is distinctly troubling, perhaps most because she seems sincere and completely devoid of appreciation that her view and approach is fascistic. I may be mistaken in this since I am only reading this snippet , but at least that’s how it seems. Her view is entirely inimical to freedom and the core fundamentals upon which our country was founded and which set it apart from not only every other one, but most pointedly from those which are totalitarian and tyrannical.

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  4. Not just a bad idea because of the potential response, but she seems to be calling for a combination of un-personing (which all of us wise people recognize from the worst of communist totalitarianism) and a bill of attainder (which is un-constitutional).

    Anyone else notice that she already has the wrong idea about how this works? When do governors take orders from the President? It’s not supposed to work that way. Heck, originally it was the other way around (and this is why the 16th and 17th Amendments need to go). Authoritarians always think in terms of centralization.

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    1. You, me, and many others must begin informing and reminding others about what an America-Wrecker the 17th amendment was. It passed with almost no opposition, because tptb of the day were whooping up Democracy. A whole raft of rotten laws came out of that era, but the 17th amendment is arguably the worst, as it deprived the states of representation in the federal government by turning State’s Men into pandering prostitutes uncontrollable by the states.


  5. Ahahahahaha! And how exactly would being impeached prevent someone from claiming to run a shadow government? If the election was stolen then the impeachment is legally worthless because it was perpetrated by an illegitimate Congress. The irrational thought processes of these mental midgets is astounding.


    1. OK, and then I read the rest of your article and you made the exact same point about one paragraph down. That’ll teach me to respond to the tweet before I read the analysis.


  6. I don’t even think it will/would take an “excuse” this severe…
    We The People are FUMING, and it’s getting worse, the CORRUPTION exposing itself more and more.


      1. I *think* they’re script kiddies trying to apply Machiavelli’s dictum of inflicting pain all at once.

        Or they’re emotionally incontinent psychotic balls of hate.

        Or they’re terrified, and lashing out

        (Or all of the above, I guess.)


  7. LMAO !”Go time. Count on it” You cucks have been drawing the line in the sand since before Ruby Ridge.
    Really stuck it to old Willy and Hilly you did!
    Then you sat back feeling all patriotic while the Bush cartel raped the country with phoney wars abroad and trashing civil liberties.
    Stuck it to old Gee Dubya you did!
    Then it was time to regroup (i.e. bullshit) when the ‘Obamanation’ took over and ramped up anti-white hatred.
    Really stuck it to ‘Barry Soetero’ you did!
    Now you’re posturing about taking action if they wack or imprison a failed con-man swamp creature who led you around on a chain for four years.
    Abject failures every one of you!


    1. And I’m sure you have reasons why you aren’t setting things off, right? I mean, you’re not a “cuck”, right? No? But I’m sure your excuse for not doing so is unique and doesn’t apply to anybody else, right?

      Looks like you’re as much a failure as anyone else.

      Or maybe you can learn a bit of history. It was nearly a century between the first open unrest between the English Colonies on the Atlantic coast and the Mother Country and the actual Revolutionary War. We had multiple false starts at rebellion. Many complaints about the tyranny of overseas revolutions. And yet nearly a century passed of these various issues before the colonies finally said “enough”, started serious general warfare, and declared independence.

      The old saying is there are four boxes of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge. Until recently people had at least some faith that the first three could be used to steer things back toward a more liberty-minded course. Recent events have pretty much stripped large chunks of people in their faith in those three. That really is a sea-change in the national mood.

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        1. Name some of those times when your troupe of bad-asses were about to ‘go hot’ Rambo.
          Only thing that came close to hot was your keyboards!!


          1. To what possibly purpose? You are not arguing in good faith. All you’ll do is simply declare that since they didn’t then they really weren’t close.

            There are different words that could be used to describe you but, well…

            Only not nearly so grandiose.

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      1. “And I’m sure you have reasons why you aren’t setting things off, right?”
        If I’m going to ‘set things off’ it won’t be on a public blog LARPing around in a costume wearing a mjolnir! The Aesir are laughing their asses off.

        “I mean, you’re not a “cuck”, right?”
        The definition of cuck includes posting empty jingoistic threats for decades whilst retreating further and further into irrelevancy. You and your lackeys, along with the WRSA crowd, alt light, religionistas, militias ad nauseum meet that criteria hands down!

        “Looks like you’re as much a failure as anyone else.”
        LMAO Your cowardice loves company but you lost mine a long long time ago!


        1. Ah, you you’re just an ignorant mouth blowing smoke. Got it.

          If you’d actually read my blog, you’d know that I’ve often argued, vociferously, against revolt for a number of reasons (large among them is that the history of armed revolt leaves very little likelihood that the result will be anything resembling a free country; the American War of Independence was very nearly unique in that regard and the conditions that led to it do not hold today). In your ignorance, you presume a prediction of what folk will likely do is a threat of what I will do.

          I have not actually said what I might do, let alone what I actually plan to do, one way or another. I am, merely, the voice of one calling out in a political wilderness. Never pretended to be anything else.

          In the real world, rather than the delusions that bounce around in the space between your ears, there is a place for folk who speak out, and there’s a place for those who take direct actions: for the Sam Adams and Patrick Henry’s and for the Captain Parkers. And in that latter role, if you were actually seriously looking at the mood of the nation, there are a lot of people looking to the right and left wondering if “now’s the time”. Nobody, after all, wants to be Nathanial Bacon setting off things too soon, before the situation is actually ripe. The stranglehold that the Left has had on the widespread dissemination of information, that “The Most Trusted Man in America” simply meant that he could lie with impunity, meant that for a long time anyone who might have been willing, had they seen any hope for success, largely thought they were alone. People who are willing to put their lives on the line for a cause they believe in, if they see any reasonable chance of success, are often far less willing to martyr themselves for nothing.

          And so people wait, and watch, and wonder. But the signs are there for a growing groundswell that the media either ignores or dismisses as a few crazies (although they’ve been shifting to condemning half the voting populace as “insurrectionist”–which itself is pretty telling; they can’t sell the “a few crazies” any more). And once that reaches “critical mass” things can change very suddenly indeed. The term is “preference cascade.”

          Now, I’m explaining all this not in the interest of convincing you. You demonstrated with your first comment that you were not arguing in good faith but were simply blovating. I explain it for other folk, for the peanut gallery if you will. As a friend of mine put it, “Internet argument is a spectator sport.”

          So far, you amuse me and provide an opportunity to present a case to others. That you, an internet stranger, happens to dislike me? Oh, woe is me! However will I go on? Oh, wait, pretty easily. You provide a few moments’ amusement and then are forgotten as soon as I navigate away from this page.

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  8. real violence from the left is GOOD VIOLENCE. fake violence from the right is BAD VIOLENCE.

    talking assassination reveals their innermost desires: becoming a banana republic (as we already have) with absolute, unchallenged power to liquidate whomever they so desire to be liquidated.

    what do you think this cartel of everything anti american will label as ‘domestic terrorism’?


  9. I said in December that if Trump stepped down, he would be dead or a political prisoner within three months.
    At this point, I think I was overly optimistic in that assessment.

    Proposition wager: this laughable “impeachment” is a setup for public assassination.


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