Goth on Ice: Go for the Gold

Okay, probably not really, but I am planning to compete. There’s a competition coming up in Fort Wayne, IN on March 27. The competition is based on the LearnToSkateUSA progression. I’ve talked before about the different progression levels: Adult 4, Adult 5, Basic 5, Basic 6, and so on? Well, that’s how the competition is divided up. A competitor is allowed to compete either in the highest level they’ve completed or one level up. If it were held today, I could compete in Adult 4 (completed), or Adult 5 (almost completed), but not Adult 1-3 or Adult 6 (and never mind “Free Skate”).

Each of these has two separate sub-divisions: Compulsory and “Free skate with music.” Unlike USAFigureSkating events (sectionals and nationals) or ISU Worlds, where you have the short program and have to place high enough to qualify for free skate, the compulsories and free skate with music are two separate events. A person could enter either or both.

So, I plan to enter. The plan is to aim at Adult 5 since I really only have one technique left to complete that–the two foot spin. Once I complete Adult 5, I’m no longer eligible to compete in Adult 4 (or any lower level) and I don’t think I’ll be ready for Adult 6 by then. I’ve got three techniques to learn yet for Adult 6–inside 3 turn, change of edge, outside to inside, on a line, and beginning one foot spin. I plan to enter both compulsories and the free skate with music giving me two shots at it.

So, the techniques I’ll need (plus steps to connect them together into a cohesive program): Backward outside edge on a circle (left and right), Backward inside edge on a circle (left and right), Backward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise), Forward outside three turns (right and left), Forward swing rolls, and beginning two foot spin.

I don’t have any good videos of my basic backward edges on a circle but here’s the other stuff I’ve done for Adult 5:

From a while ago. I have gotten better
Likewise, somewhat dated and I have improved. Indeed I now actually use this three-turn when skating.
The consecutive forward edges I’m working here aren’t quite swing rolls (never videoed myself doing thost) but they’re fairly closely related.
And, yeah, this is going to need some work.

Oh, well, what’s the worst that can happen? I can fall on my ass and look ridiculous? Like that’s never happened before (and no doubt will again).

I’ve worked out a schedule with my boss that will allow me more ice time to prepare. It involves going to work early and staying late so I can take some time in the middle of the day to head up to the rink. Those days will be short sessions but I plan to use them to focus heavily on technique and use the weekend time for longer duration skating for conditioning. I’m also looking into the local figure skating club which arranges “club ice” time and possibly “free skate” sessions (figure skaters only, more expensive than “public skate” particularly since public skate is free while I’m taking lessons).

So, we’ll see how it goes.

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