Results of my annual exam

Results of the blood tests from my recent annual (8 vials. I swear, at 9 I call Buffy). Everything was good except:

  1. my blood sugar was a bit elevated, just a hair over the normal range
  2. blood creatinine was also just slightly elevated.

So the first thing would appear to be that the great experiment of attempting to control my diabetes solely with diet is over. The creatinine isn’t bad now but considering what elevated creatinine means that is a concern.

Just joy all around.

Update:  Got a call from my doctor.  Because of the rather extensive nature of this round of blood tests (8 vials!) he wants me to come in to go over them in detail.  Appointment set for next week.  We’ll see what we will see.

Update 2 (5/29/14):
Results on the extra thorough blood work that was done as part of my annual (8 vials!) today.

Cholesterol continues to be an issue. In particular much of the “bad cholesterol” is in an “extra bad” form and the “good cholesterol” is more “meh, it’s okay” rather than “that’s really good.” So this is a concern.

Inflammatory response is also a bit high. If my understanding of this is correct, my arteries are a bit “irritated” by the cholesterol floating around. Good news is that the numbers specific for the heart are really good. So apparently my heart farts in the general direction of that cholesterol.

Apparently my body has indicators that it would extra rapidly metabilize certain medicines (Plavix) and this could cause bleeding. Fortunately, I don’t take Plavix or anything like that so we’re good here, at least for now. Also there’s a genetic marker that one of the metabolism pathways for Folic Acid doesn’t work in me. Fortunately my numbers related to the use of Folic Acid are good so the other path appears to be doing the job.

My glucose was a little high (123) but my A1C was good (5.2). Insulin was quite elevated at 29 so apparently while I was able to keep my blood sugar under control with diet alone, my body was working hard to do so. So we’re back on the medication. (We had decided that before we got these results.)

And for some reason my Vitamin D level is low.

And so now I’ve increased the dosage of my cholesterol medicines, started a vitamin D supplement (I was already taking a multivitamin), and we’re adding a new medicine for palpitations (I had to switch off the Carvedilol because of the allergy shots–beta blockers doubleplus ungood) and the current medication isn’t quite keeping them under control. 

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