Charlie Hebdo

There will be foul language.

I would like to say that I am shocked by the actions of “radical” muslims in France, with the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.  I would like to, but I would be lying.  After all, with the Fatwa against Salmon Rusdie, the murder of Theo van Gogh, the attacks on Kurt Westgaard, and others, it’s hardly the first time “radical” Islam has responded to vocal criticism with violence.

I generally wear two hats professionally speaking:  a scientist and a writer.  As a scientist, I pursue the evidence where it leads, wherever it leads.  To do that I need to freedom to make inquiries, and state conclusions without fear of violent reprisal.  Counterargument, yes.  Violence no.

As a writer, what I need is even broader.  I need to be able to explore ideas without censorship and, again, without fear of violent reprisal.

Both of these things are pillars of Western thought, and supposedly held to by Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian alike.  Attack that and you undermine Western philosophy and the very concept of liberty.  Once you say, “this you may not read, this you may not see, this you may not know”* under threat of violence, whether that violence is from the state or some other body, then you have tyranny.

I will absolutely never submit to that kind of tyranny.   You want to come after me for my words?  Well, bring it.  You may get me.  I’m well aware that I’m neither invincible nor immortal.  I’m also not backing down.  And I’m also not alone.  You get me there will be others.  We will not stop.  Ever.  In the words of Thomas Jefferson, let me iterate: “I have sworn on the altar of God eternal enmity against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

This is my oath.  So help me Thor, Odin, and all the gods. (And, yes, I worship pagan gods.)

So, in that spirit, let me say the following. (I said there would be foul language?  Here it comes)

That child-raper Mohammed was the vilest piece of shit to ever walk the Earth.  A goat fucker?  No, a pig fucker.  He has to wipe smegma from his lips in order to spew bile and disease from his mouth, a mouth, may I add, that smells of pig dick.  Yep.  Mohammed sucks pigs.  And I say “pigs” not because I have anything against pigs.  They make tasty bacon but Mohammed was so utterly ignorant as a supposed prophet of god, excuse me, “allah” (and yes, the lower case is intentional), that he couldn’t figure out how to make the tastiest animal on the planet safe to eat.  Yep, he was stupid as well as evil.  And weak.  What a patheticly weak specimen of pig sucker he was.  All that stuff about treating women in Islam.  The only reason for it is that Mohammad was so weak that he’d piss his burnous and dribble shit on his sandles if he ever met a woman on equal footing.  That kind of oppression only comes from fear.  So weak and cowardly, afraid of women.  And you think that dogs are unclean?  Well no wonder.  No dog with a gram of sense would have anything to do with a disreputable specimen like you.  Even the stupidest of dogs wouldn’t bother to piss on you if you were on fire.  I’d tell him to suck my dick but who knows what pestilence he carries.  So go back to your pigs, Mohammed.  Or, better yet, fuck yourself in your ass, you pustule on a pig’s ass.  Don’t worry.  Your tiny little pecker couldn’t possible hurt going into even your stuck-up, pinched ass.

I could post some pictures of goats and pigs to get you excited but instead, how about a few of these:

And to those precious snowflakes who try to play moral equivalence games with these asshats, claiming that folk like the Westboro Baptist Church are the equivalent of folk who slaughter people over political cartoons–that standing around with signs that say mean things is the equivalent of murder over opinion, you are also vile and I hope you choke on your own bile.
And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
*Robert A. Henlein as placed in the mouth of his character “Lazarus Long.”

3 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo”

  1. Every time one of his followers kills an innocent, Mohammed gets violated by a pigdemon.
    He's long since run out of orifices. His nostrils are positively cavernous.


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