Millenicon 30 Schedule

I’ll be Attending Millenicon 30 in Cincinatti March 19th and 20th.  The Con runs from the 18th but for scheduling and budget reasons I won’t arrive until Saturday morning.

Here’s my schedule:
Saturday 3:00 PM Science and Pseudoscience: How to tell the difference
Panelists discuss the difference between the two and share examples from science fiction and fantasy.
Room:  MR1216/1217

Saturday 4:00 PM Creative Destruction
Explore the act of destruction as a creative influence, drawing sources from economic theory, cosmology, ecology and technology.
Room:  MR 1216/1217

Sunday 11:00 AM Autographs

Sunday 1:00 PM Reading
Room: Reagan

The Science vs. Pseudoscience panel is one I’ve done before more than once at various cons.

I’m kind of surprised by the Creative Destruction panel.  They had the same panel last year at the same con.  It’s kind of unusual to see a panel repeated two years in a row at one con.  Some “panels” are regular features but they’re usually of topical interest:  The “Mad Scientist” panel at LibertyCon for instance–basically a rather free-wheeling discussion of the preceding year in science.

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