People are out of their minds.

So there is this:

(Saved the video as an MP4 in case the source gets pulled but my current WP account doesn’t allow uploading videos.)

This is a particularly egregious example but it’s an example of something I have seen here and there for some time with some growing frequency, folk wanting to start a race war between their minority group and, well, the rest of us.

And what’s this claim that there are more of them then there are of us?  Perhaps he doesn’t know what “minority” means?  Or maybe his neighborhood has a high percentage of a particular racial type and he just doesn’t get that it’s not necessarily reflective of the rest of the country.

So my reply to this rather ignorant and pathetic individual:

Child, there are over 100 million gun owners in the United States. Use that “technology” you are touting so much to look up what the real numbers of people of different backgrounds in the US are.

Bluntly, if every single one of the black adults in the US were among that number they would still outnumber your “side” two two one. That’s not counting that they have enough extra guns for each, on average, to hand two to friends who don’t currently have guns.

Now, many of them hate the white supremacist types as much as you do, even while recognizing their right to gather, speak, and march the same as they recognize those rights for you and those like you.  Remember, that “Unite the Right” group (what a misnomer) numbered 400 out of about 300 _million_ people.  If there were a thousand for every one who didn’t show up that would still be less than 2/10 of a percent of the total population.  They’re nothing.  The only reason anybody gives them any notice at all is that the media gives them an inordinate amount of attention. (Ask yourself why that is.)

So, for the most part, those “white supremacist” types are nothing more than meaningless noise of the “let him speak that men may know him mad” type. Most folk are just as opposed to them as you are.


You seem to want to make it a purely race thing. Anyone not of your skin color is the enemy. If you do that, you force people who would otherwise be on your side into the enemy camp. Simple self preservation will require them to fight back.

Now go look at those numbers up above again. I would strongly advice against you pulling that race war trigger.

You really would not like the result.

2 thoughts on “People are out of their minds.”

  1. That was painful to watch.

    That was a good response. It’s a shame that he likely lacks the ability to comprehend your point. He’ll note that you disagree with him, mentioned “gun owners”, and threw math at him. Therefore, you must be a racist who accepts his challenge of war. Or something.


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