What is it with these online game companies?

Just a very brief comment today.

I used to play a number of online multiplayer games.  Some free, some I played actual real money in.

So why in the world do the videos they show to advertise the game bear no resemblance whatsoever to the gameplay?

Consider League of Angels II:

Nice butts.  Looks like a real time fighting game, right?

But the actual gameplay:

There is essentially no interactivity.  Fights proceed without player intervention.  Completely different game from what the ad implies.

Do the makers have so little faith in their own game that they can’t even show the gameplay in their ads?  They have to “trick” people into trying it by implying the game is something other than what it actually is?

Oh well, at least it has character graphics and animations unlike the older game “Evony” of the sexy advertisements:

I know it’s a shocking concept, but I’d like to actually see what the game I’m going to be playing really is all about.

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