There is good in the world.

It seems Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston (what an alliterative disaster) has brought out not just looters but a lot of political sniping.  But that’s not what I’m going to go into here.  Instead I’m going to go into some of the good its brought out:








There are good people in the world.  ‘Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “There is good in the world.”

  1. Nice pictures, and it’s important to know how many folks are willing to help other folks. Black Americans helping whites; white Americans helping blacks. Americans helping Americans. Just like Boy Scouts say folks should be.

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  2. The media would like us to all think that there is a race war on with whites holding back all the others to remain dominant and in power. They do the same with sex. I think the reality is that most people just want to be left alone. And if they see someone in need they will help them regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. Lord knows the last thing on my mind if I’m need help, or helping someone else, is what their skin color is or what reproductive organs they have or who/what they pray to.

    For years I was a Certified Car Seat Technician helping people install their child restraints. My biggest concern outside of making sure people understood how to use to the seat, was if they were prepared for the weather, since about 10-20% were New Americans. I’m not sure why they think sending people from sub-Saharan Africa to ND is wise, but they do. While most are OK during the summer, it becomes quite a culture shock when January rolls around and we have a week or two straight with highs in the negative digits.


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